5 Tips On How To Get A High Value Mate & What’s Stopping You

by | Love & Relationships

How to attract a high value mate:
1. HEAL – No need to be perfect, but start the process of your healing. The mate for you will come along and help you with the rest. Stop listening to people who tell you to go hide in a corner, stop dating and do all of this on your own. Those people don’t know what LOVE is.  We were not created to do everything on our own. We need other humans. 
2. Be honest with yourself about your needs and desires.
3. BE the person who can sustain a relationship with your desired mate.
4. Be a giver. Too many people are looking for love but only wanting to RECEIVE.
5. Know your value and have standards.
Most high value women are mostly looking for love. Yet they are unable to meet men with whom she can have a deep, emotional connection with. She doesn’t like the men she attracts. Most of the men she meets lack visually and emotionally. If she gets visual and emotional, then chances are he’s young and can’t afford her lifestyle. Most times she is not in receiving mode. Therefore she attracts affluent men who really have nothing going for themselves besides smarts and money. Such men always think they are the creme of the crop for women. They really don’t question WHY they are single and WHY they can’t seem to get the woman they want.  (It’s usually a beautiful woman)
Men on the other hand these days want a woman who will DO things for him. He has no interest in how good she looks (yet he wants a good looking woman, and has very little understanding of her mindset, and even though she is good looking, he wants her to act like she looks normal and behave in the same manner the average woman would. Such men DO NOT put a lot of focus into their own appearance, and most women would look at him and immediately see flaws, that she may try to look past, just to later realize he has other issues. His ego keeps him from recognizing these things. He will also lower the self-esteem of just about any woman he deals with.
Then you have the other men who DO, CHASE, put in effort, are wiling to provide and actually appreciate a beautiful woman. He has a hard time attracting a woman who deeply cares about him.
People experience a great deal of blocks in the dating arena. Yet they don’t know that not having the mate you want is a block. When you’re actively dating, and going on date after date, and things are not working, it’s time to call in some help. But most people continue to try to figure things out on their own.
I work with elite, high performers who are having a hard time attracting their divine, sacred, soulmate. You are already making 6 figures, or 7. You have your finances down, and every other part of your life. Yet the romance department continues to evade you.
Dating actually isn’t hard. It’s simply all about having clarity, healing, confidence and strategy.
You were meant to to be loved, to experience the perfect romance, and to become one in love with your divine soulmate. Move past all of the past trauma and drama. Stop going in circles, wondering why things aren’t working out for you. Stop attracting people who only activate your pain wounds. Stop attracting people who only want to take from you and use you. Stop attracting people who don’t listen to you and don’t spend time getting to know you.
It’s time to attract a man who wants to please you and make you happy. The world has gone too far left with telling everyone to make themselves happy. You can only make yourself but so happy all alone. God wouldn’t have created EVE if he believed Adam could be happy all on his own. The truth is that Adam needed a partner. He needed companionship and something he could pure his love into and see it bloom.
A woman was created to be loved. But men these days think everything is about them. They will literally chase a woman down and tell her he’s not impressed with her, or that she doesn’t do anything for him. Unmarried men these days have zero understanding that a woman is an INVESTMENT. You put your all into her, then she multiplies it and gives it back to you. It’s common sense. Yet many men wait with their hands out, seeing what he can get from a woman. Then he’s surprised that things don’t work out for him.
The deeper insanity is that males chase women, then when she finally pays him attention, he lays back and wants HER to prove herself to him.
The silliest thing any woman can do is deal with any man who is not pursuing her with everything he has in his arsenal. Until such a man pops up, the rest are an extreme waste of time. They are not divine connections. They can’t be, because they don’t know how to play their role.
Work with me 1 on 1 to get you off the dating merry go round. One of my clients literally attracted a billionaire who fell in love with her on the first date. That’s how easy it’s supposed to be. Getting her there was not hard work at all. She and I worked together to put her back into alignment with her sovereign King.