Today has been a day of the craziest, most extreme shifts I have ever seen in my life. I’m starting to see awakening for what it truly is.  It’s something that happens in layers.  Each day I wake up and I’m like “WOAH! WOW! I WAS IN A DEEP SLEEP.”

My consciousness increases rapidly, and I now have great clarity on how I got here, and the things that happened in my past.  The only point of studying your past is in order to see your patterns and lessons. That’s it. 

I saw mine, glaringly loud, quite obtrusive and painful. I saw the pain I put myself in. I saw how for the past year I’d been listening to too much light and love.  Possibly for the first time, I saw the truest form of my own brilliance, which is way outside of the human norm. I saw my expertise when it comes to love.  I saw how my way of only dating men who are crazy about you IS indeed the right way to go. 

But why did I have to put myself through so much pain, before I finally simply accepted that I know what I know.  How much pain does a person have to be under before they accept their own wisdom? How much pain will you be under before you simply decide to BE your true self?

People absolutely are not going to accept you being your true self. At least everyone won’t. Others will. But to you it should matter none. 

You’re never going to get all of the things you want out of life until you embody your true self. You can’t call anything in, until you match the frequency of it. And you won’t match the frequency until you decide “This is what is is and it is what it is.” and nothing else will do. But you will take better if there has to be another option. 

The decision to stick to soul is the boldest, most brave decision any human being can ever make. You literally almost have to scream out into the ethers of Heaven that you’ve had enough.

This is when you’ll finally see your patterns and be able to stop them.

My pattern was simply not listening to MYSELF.  I always know. I really do. However at the least, the lessons I learned help other women tremendously. It’s why I am able to coach both men and women effortlessly when it comes to 7 Figure online business or relationships. LOVE goes into both. 

I assure you as a woman that when a man really wants you he leaves no room for doubts. He will let you know. He won’t use excuses as to why he’s not ready. He doesn’t want you thinking that he doesn’t want you. No other woman will do for him. He will believe you to be just that special. When a man really wants you he does not make excuses. If he says he’s healing, still getting over his ex, working on his company, going to counseling or whatever other excuse, what he’s really saying is “Sorry. You’re not the one. I want these things, but I do not want them with you.” This is how it’s always been and always will be. A man is never quick to let the woman he wants simply walk away from him. So If you find yourself wondering if a man really likes you or not, then you’re a place holder for him, until the right woman comes along. Chances are you’ve also lowered your value, because you would know if a man really wanted to be with you, because he was working to meet your value line. 

So you gotta decide to let that place holder go, because he’s taking up space from your King. Your King needs that lane to be wide open. Clear it out.  Prepare for landing.  True Love is now coming your way.