Some of ya’ll women seriously need a rebirthing makeover, from the inside out. You look like life has beat you down.

Guess What? Life didn’t beat you down. You let a sorry azz male appear to beat you down. Now you gotta fix your frown 💄🙃, put on your crown, 🦋 and glow the phuck up! 🙂 #REMIX It ain’t over yet. The best is yet to come.

Don’t you ever forget, you got GOD. 🙏

Besides, when you glow the phuck up on these mammals, they come running back to you. But by then, you’ve moved on to these 5D, Certified, King MEN, who allow you to be a sweet, feminine Queen. 👑 That’s cause you now VALUE YOU. #CrownUp #LoveYOU #GoddessLevel #LevelUp

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and Sis you know you’re not there yet. So you can’t give up. I know you’re tired. We’ve all been there.  But you kinda knew where it would go. You had hope. That’s dope. But you know. You can only put hope in GOD, and reflect that back to you.   We all make choices, neither bad nor good.  Just the chosen way to learn the lesson, that you just had to know the outcome of, by experience.  You could’ve easily chosen wisdom. 

It’s whatever though. You conquered that level.  You couldn’t bring him with you. You tried. Dust yourself off.  Put back on your princess, fairytale outfit, and pick up your swords, cause you got to go, get back to the battle. No more delays please. There are millions of souls that need to be saved in this world; and you got stuck on that one.

Guess what else? There are also men who did the same thing as you. They got stuck on that one too. They have a heart, like you. So now they are single, with a fixed ego, and they need a woman like you.  He is equally yolked with you. 

But you’re only going to find and attract him, if you get up right now and get back on your path. You gotta fight.  You gotta fight with everything in you, to get back on your way. I promise no matter what it looks like, everything is going to be okay.  It’s real smooth. It’s going to be more than okay. It’s really all going to be perfectly fine. I mean, like Fantastic. There’s wine and everything. There is even a champagne, glass fountain, full of flutes. Cream and white with strawberries, just for you. But the party can’t start without you. Everyone is waiting for your arrival. What time are you going to be here? Make it a date. We’re having refreshments. See you soon. 

its barbie bitch