To tell you women the truth, a lot of you no matter how pretty and smart you are, you are worthless to a man.

Not because you don’t spend money on your clothes, car, make-up or shoes. Not because you’re not smart. But because you don’t actually value yourself enough to invest in your feminine ascension and healing.

You value your OUTER and looking good, but not your FEMININE ENERGY.

You’ll invest in taking a man out to dinner and spending $250. But wouldn’t spend that same money on femininity coaching because that would feel like chasing a man to you or doing extra to get a man, that you believe isn’t necessary.

Some women will spit out 3 kids for a man, and become a single mother, which is expensive, but won’t invest in femininity coaching to fix your current relationship because “he” isn’t worth it, you say.

You simply want to be told that you’re beautiful and a man is lucky to have you. Without you actually doing the WERK that makes a man feel like you’re so special he’s in love with your soul.

So therefore you stay strong, beautiful and independent. Men call you beautiful, have sex with you, then it’s on to the next woman.

Then there you are screaming blaming HIM… Your friends do the same thing, and the cycle continues.

Yet, deep down inside you want real love. Yet you continue to do the same things… Something has to be different. Either you’re going to change to get what you want, or you’re going to go be with the man who wants YOU.

I tell ya’ll all the time about lies and pacification that make you FEEL good, for the wrong reasons.

I suppose it’s okay to feel good about being a masculine woman. But understand that means you’re either going to pay half or get with an average looking man.

Average looking men are the key to masculine women. Ones that probably aren’t that active online. Ones who don’t have access to 200 hot chicks.

Walk away from getting top men if you don’t want to work on your feminine core.

Truth be told, those men tend to nurture strong, successful women better anyway. They let you fly free and be whoever you want to be without all of the restrictions.

This whole everyone wants a high value man without working on their femininity or even looking good AF is insane.

Most coaches don’t actually understand HIGH VALUE MEN.  These successful, attractive men expect A LOT. But they will settle for FEMININE because that is MOST of what they want.

P.S. When men meet beautiful women they are looking for something INTERNALLY pleasing about you. What you think is NICE, he sees as weak.

When the same man meets an average looking woman, he’s already valuing her INTERNAL…

So what I am saying is that when you’re smart and beautiful most men are looking to subtract points from you off top. Meanwhile he  gives points to an average woman right away.

Beauty makes his d*ck feel lust. But that’s not always connected to his heart where he FEELS connected.