Black Twitter Noticed Newly Married Actor Jay Ellis Turned Off IG Comments For Wedding Photo

by | Celebrity LOVE

On Tuesday Vogue magazine published lavish photos of the recent Italian wedding between actor Jay Ellis and Serbian model Nina Senicar.  The magazine had the exclusive privelege of documenting every aspect of the beautiful occasion at Villa Mangiacane, a palatial estate in Tuscany.

According to Vogue, Senicar walked down the aisle to Frank Ocean’s R&B ballad “Thinkin Bout You.”

“I was very emotional and tried really hard not to cry,” Senicar recalled. “Honestly, I didn’t see anybody else but Jay — I was so focused on his eyes and just being present.”

Senicar’s entrance was an equally special moment for her husband-to-be Ellis, he shared.

“There was a moment when I was standing there in front of everyone waiting for the giant wrought iron gates to open and to see Nina, but the moment kept going and going,” Ellis told Vogue. “So, I yelled out, ‘Baby, you coming?’ There was another beat or two after where Nina didn’t answer, so I turned to the crowd and said, ‘I guess that’s a no. There’s a space up here if anybody wants to get married today.’ And in perfect timing, as everyone laughed, Nina yelled out, ‘I’m coming baby!’ Everyone laughed at us, and then the gate opened and I was in awe when I saw Nina in her dress for the first time.”

The images of the happy couple quickly went viral.

News One Reports:

But it was another photo of Ellis and Senicar that quickly elicited a whole different kind of viral reaction across a notoriously opinionated sector of social media: Black Twitter.

The unofficial group of Black-sympathizing Twitter users who wield their strength in numbers (of tweets) to impose their opinions and influence on any particular topic took keen notice of not just Ellis posting a wedding photo to his Instagram account, but also how he posted the single snapshot.

Ellis posted a photo of himself looking deep into his bride’s eyes as they walked hand-in-hand down a picturesque path at Villa Mangiacane. He captioned the photo with the date of the wedding — “July 9th, 2022…” and two other words: “Per sempre,” which is translated from Italian to mean “forever.”

At the end of the day, it appeared that Ellis was determined not to let anyone, anything and/or any comment steal the newlyweds’ thunder on Instagram.

There’s no accounting for the rest of social media, though.

This isn’t the first time Ellis has come under social media fire over Senicar.

Last October, Madame Noire reported that the internet thought Ellis was hiding his then-fiancée from the world. Madame Noire wrote at the time that the couple was not “Instagram official,” an unofficial social media rite of passage for any famous couple dating.

From Madame Noire:

Back in 2017, Ellis said that he isn’t worried about any backlash he may get from his Black fanbase about being with a white woman.

“I am in a relationship,” Ellis said on The Breakfast Club. “I’m in a very happy relationship and that’s where I leave it. I don’t really worry about anything else and that’s it. I think for me, we give so much of ourselves in what we do no matter what side of the industry we’re on so for me…a relationship for me is probably the most important thing that I think two people can have.”

Some black women are often disappointed with their favorite male black actors who are given winning onscreen roles as the love interest of black women, only to turn around and marry a non-black woman. It crushes their whole soul.

But the truth is every star needs fans. Isn’t it only right to place them in front of the people who will love them most? If you look at it that way, it’s business not personal.

This story gives insight to entrepreneurs. You are not your business. Those are two different entities. Oftentimes when you separate yourself, you’ll become free… Then, both you and your business will soar to the next level.