If only women knew just how much men truly loved

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Sometimes men meet women on the first date, and they fall in love. That woman is everything he ever wanted. But she ain’t taking sh*t from nobody.

That’s one heck of a woman.  She’s A LOT to deal with.  He’s scared to jump. Because who is ready for that level of commitment, to say that they aren’t going to make anymore mistakes, that would cost them your love???

Men be having QUESTIONS. …. But women be soooooo busy thinking with their heart.

A woman is very capable of breaking a man; and men know this.  She can break him down to the bottom, she can keep him stuck going in circles, or she can break him through to the top.

Or she can just let him do the work on his own….and that’s a pretty magical method, that men find delightful.

He already has that Superman S on his chest 

He doesn’t really need you to DO anything.

The method requires that she’s not stalking his every move, to see what he’s doing wrong; cause she has belief in the man, and already knows, it’s nothing to a boss.

Men need room to grow as humans, not just as your life partner.

God said be equally yoked and on the same path, so that you’ll have less friction.

be ye equally yoked

But how often do people meet and even know what path they’re on?

Some people are just moving along without a real destination. Others know exactly where they are going.

When you really know where you are going, then you can truly get on the journey.

Sometimes women don’t know what they wan. In that case, any man such a woman could possibly meet can’t give her, whatever it is that she doesn’t even know that she’s looking for.    You’ll always settle for less if you’re not tuned in with your star player and MVP.

This holds true for men too.

And until you suddenly decide to figure out why you keep thinking, you need to go get something you’re missing, before that person shows up. But people don’t randomly meet their soulmate. They pray to God, and THEN that person shows up.

And then the moment of decisions…….

Anyway, I just wanted to remind you of how good God is.

He gives us what we want, and yeah, sometimes we be messing up, and he keeps giving us chance after chance again.  God gives life. And you get another chance to do it right. Then you just breathe, and decide to love again.

Give yourself permission to stop waiting, to stop thinking so much, and to simply RECEIVE. THE. LOVE.

You don’t have to be afraid to love. God is holding your hand. You’re going to get it right this time.  There’s nothing to fear.

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On your healing journey, you may need a little direction to home, a way back to love.  The best way to do this is to understand human psychology when it comes to relationships. A lot goes on in the heads of men and women. They see things differently. But it’s a must that men start seeing things a little differently. And Sis, you are the only one that can help him see it. You must see yourself.

Men generally give you what they can. They usually tell you what they have to offer for their healing journey. You have to know what that healing journey with you is worth. Cause regardless we’re all on this healing journey, at different levels, and require a match. Matches start the fire.

It’s the story of the twin flame journey. The souls who are called for sacred ascension and divine reunion. See, here is the thing. You can only meet on a certain frequency. The secret to getting on that frequency is reading this book.

The thing is about people and communication, is that all perspectives are legit. It’s all about the perspective that you would like to see.
Would you like to see more joy, peace, love, empowerment, or something else? Was is the feeling that comes out when you smile. What is that feeling?