Women do broken women a disservice when we constantly speak negatively about men

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I believe that perhaps we do women a disservice when we go on and on negatively about men.  Some of us will crack jokes on men, keep it real, then go about our business of healing and attracting better men.

But the thing is I noticed that a lot of women are not strong. They are not warriors who take self-accoutability at deep levels and go within. So they get STUCK in that negative belief space of men.  They can’t get a man to treat them right on a long term basis for nothing.

And no matter how many times it happens, they continue to blame men….

Meanwhile the high value men steer clear away from such a woman. 

The truth is, we’ve all met great men before. Even if he wasn’t perfect, quite possibly maybe we didn’t know how to handle him. Maybe we weren’t interested in him AT ALL.

Women want to be all that, so badly. But you can’t be high value to a man, until you are first high value to yourself.  You’re never going to actually BE high value until you are acting in ALIGNMENT with your highest self, and no longer dealing with men who are not in alignment with the desires of your highest self.

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Example: You want to go to Paris. You meet a man, who asks you what do you like and what do you want to do. Instead of telling her you want to go to Paris, you say that you want something SIMPLER because you don’t want to ask for too much. Then he starts granting your simple requests and later he becomes confused as to why you’re not happy with him.

Example 2: You tell a man you want to go to Paris, and he says I’m going to take you to Chicago instead. That man has CLEARLY just shown he has no interest in giving you what you desire, nor does he listen well. It’s all about him. He will continue to play you short and keep you settling for less, wasting your time. HE’S NOT COMMITTED.

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For some men, manifesting you into his bed is his dream come true, and then he’s on to the next woman.

Before a woman meets MR. RIGHT, she has to know what she wants, and he shows he is right by GIVING her what she wants.    All too often, women expect men to read their mind.  All too often, good men actually WANT to give you what you want. But did you ASK?

How many of the men you complain about from the past, gave you want you wanted in the first place? Probably none of them. Either you didn’t ask, or they said NO, and you continued to let him partake in your life and body at a highly discounted rate. Which only lowers your self-esteem.   Then you wondered why he valued other women over you. Heck, YOU DIDN’T VALUE YOU over him.

When you want a man so badly that you disvalue your own vision, you lack self-respect. Standards mean sticking to your value and vision no matter what.

You need boundaries that show you WHEN to cut people off.  If a man says NO, then that’s a boundary.

If you’re the kind of woman who wants a man to take you out to dinner, but instead he calls you at 11 P.M. and says come thru, and you show up, then you’re not valuing yourself. YES, he will phuck your brains out, but he won’t have any respect for you. Men don’t respect women who settle for less. Yet, he will try to get you to settle for less, and to be EASY.

Women lack confidence when they fail to align with their soul desires.

It’s because you are willing to trade in your goals and dreams for a relationship.


Here’s another thing, great men actually want a woman to be all of that, but most times men actually aren’t all that themselves, because they have no desire to give a woman what SHE wants. 

A woman must be what a man wants. He shows you are what he wants, by giving you what YOU want. It’s so simple.  But not that simple, because quite honest a lot of women don’t know what they want, outside of the feeling of love and a man treating them well.

A great man’s vision expands beyond that. That’s just the basics.

The average man focuses on himself and HIS desires, without calculating what he must do FOR the woman, in order to get what HE wants from her.

Most men play a million and one mind games, and literally do everything OTHER than giving a woman what she wants.  Which doesn’t help at all. It causes confusion and doubt, because some women are unable to settle. Their soul won’t let them.  So there she will be WANTING to be with said man, but knowing SHE CAN’T because…. BECAUSE he isn’t showing up like her dream man.


As soon as you meet a person, if you have no desire to give them what they want, you are not aligned to mate.

If you’re in a relationship that you don’t like, you messed up somewhere. You settled.  And men often know that you are willing to settle and treat you as such. Respect yourself and your goals, if you want a man to respect you.

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One time I had a conversation with a high value man, and we had this moment where we were present with one another discussing our visions.. He had one vision, and my vision was his, but on a wider scale. And he said to me “I like that. I can do that.” He was with the expansion.

Now, I wish I could tell you that I’ve met a million men like him, but I haven’t. He’s a rarity. I have a platonic male friend and when his vision is expansive. He’s already walking in it and manifesting pretty fast. He dates and is looking for the one, and each time he find her, no matter how the woman seems to have it all together in looks, business and finances, he realizes that she actually hasn’t done her soul work.  He realizes she’s not healed enough yet.   He doesn’t look down on the women at all. He just simply notes that she’s not ready and he goes back to work.

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Women value random men too much. These men don’t give a phuck about you, until they do. Women often think men and people in general are like us.  They’re not heart-centered like us. They don’t come for love. People live in their own lil 3D worlds full of chaos and no love.

But the problem with only complaining about the bad men, is that women focus there and fail to realize that they must step their game up and get back into alignment to capture the heart of a their desired high value man.

Don’t give up on getting a man who actually excites you. 

The men who date a million women should bore you. Those guys are always all over the place with no focus. Focus on a man who is focused on you.

When a man isn’t giving a woman what she wants, it’s ALWAYS the woman’s fault. Because women should only entertain men who are in alignment with her CURRENT and FUTURE desires. 

In my experience with men, I notice that men don’t listen to women. However what I noticed about Kings is they listen, and maybe don’t hear, but they turn around and seek help to understand. Kings magically manifest me into their lives in order to help them understand Goddesses better.

The men who work with me are seeking extraordinary women. I have yet to coach one man who simply wanted a normal, average or basic woman. They literally want a Goddess who is fully Unleashed.

But most women are doing everything other than truly doing the work to Unleash their inner Goddess. So it’s not all a man’s fault.

Men also aren’t perfect.  Both sexes these days in the conscious community are VERY quick to throw away people if they seem imperfect.  That’s deep wounding due to fear.  Cause what I have learned is that just like LIFE, if you want some amazing and really beautiful, YES, you have to fight for it.

You don’t fight them. You fight against yourself to balance your equilibrium and vibrate on the right frequency of connection.

As to how I was often seen speaking negatively about men, is what with great purpose, to heal the women who needed healing.

The women who purchased You CAN’T FORCE A MAN TO VALUE YOU – BECOMING A HIGH VALUE WOMAN & ATTRACTING YOUR DREAM MAN are now in the process of becoming.

Many shifted so fast that their soulmate showed up or a King or a God who activated them pulled up. Life is what you make it. If you’re going to get a man, make sure it’s man who is with the plan.

you can't force a man to value you