Why Do Women Flake On Men? Here’s 13 Reasons WHY

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In my life, I don’t use the word FLAKE. I think men who use that word are LAME.  Cause the truth is women don’t flake on men who seem to have great value in her life.

The thing about most dating coaches is that they are married. So they’re not really out in the world experiencing dating. Which really doesn’t matter, cause the bottom line is people deciding what they want and going for it.

I cancel on people cause honestly, self-care is just more important these days. But more than flaking, I noticed that a lot of high value women aren’t accepting date offers.


I am a published author, a celebrity blogger, a spiritual transformation guru, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, and a business woman. I run a billion dollar empire with clients who need me in tip top spiritual condition.  My empire is in the ground stages of becoming.  I am also an introverted nerd who values my time. On the other end I’m a geeky black barbie.  On the other hand I am a Prophetess deeply into ascension and doing my soul’s work.  I am also a healer known by the name of The Goddess of Love & Motivation. I am the Queen of The Masterpiece Tribe, that’s over 500,000 strong right now.

Despite being all of those beautiful things, I am also a part-time comedian, blunt af, and can be a hot mess at times. I am a lot to deal with due to my upbringing of coming from a rough environment and now being bourgeoise AF.

These are all of the things I truly am in real life. Now if you go outside of me and don’t take any of this personal, such a woman described obviously desires a very powerful man who matches her.

What I didn’t mention in my description is that I am drop dead gorgeous on the days I comb my hair and do my make-up. I am also pretty sexy with a curvaceous sexy body that will make a man’s eyes do a double take.  Many people ask me if I am a model.

By now you see that not only am I confident, but I embody DIVINE CONFIDENCE.  Not a lot of people can deal with that.

I think it’s important to know why I flake or turn down date offers.

  1. Although I desire a relationship, my work is quite often more important than going out on a date with a man.
  2. If I am honest, I am looking for a man who is one in a billion.  He’s amazing, and knows exactly how to enchant me. Most men don’t know how to enchant me, so obviously they are not my dream man.
  3. I go out on dates as a way to mingle, be in male energy and get out of the house. Sometimes I find it more convenient to simply feed myself.
  4. I love men, but most men simply don’t excite me, and some days I simply don’t feel like sitting in front of a man pretending that’s he’s exciting. Me going out on most dates is simply me allowing a man to treat me like a lady.
  5. I become disinterested in men who may have a problem with my high level of confidence.
  6. I am enlightened. Most of the world is SLEEP. A Sleeping man has no idea what to do with me.
  7. The guy didn’t seem to truly value me.
  8. If I am to truly respect my goals, desires and wishes, there is no point of me going out on a date with a guy who is a 50/50 man, or isn’t rich.  If I talk to him and sense that he’s not into providing for his woman, I stop talking to him.
  9. If am to truly stick to my desires only 9% of the population makes 6 Figures or more.  So obviously I would say NO to most dates, because they are not in alignment with my dreams.
  10. There is no physical or spiritual connection present.
  11. The guy’s first date offer was whack, low budget, or he’s not interested in catering to my desires. I turn down all coffee dates.  YET, we should discuss the fact that the average dating coach would suggest that I shouldn’t turn down low budget coffee dates, because stuff like that shouldn’t be iMPORTANT. See most coaches teach women how to get an AVERAGE man. They teach women how to settle for less and BECOME what a man wants, instead of becoming the woman a man NEEDS.
  12. He’s too needy on my time. I need space like the final frontier right now.
  13. He has a negative mindset and has complained about me not DOING for him too much
  14. He calls me and asks me to come see him right away that day, then gets upset or complains when I don’t say yes. Men who want me to drop everything for them, aren’t interested in ME. Those guys are seeking sex.
  15. He dates multiple women.  I’m not into men who don’t know what they want. If you are my kind of man, you are looking for something in particular and you’ll breathe a sigh relief when you find ME.
  16. He said something that made me not want to have sex with him EVER.
  17. I have better things to do
  18. He’s not that attractive or bores me
  19. He moves too slow for me
  20. He’s not looking for love
  21. I’ve been out with him before and know that he doesn’t value me at my level, continues to not step his dating game up,  is wasting my time and his presence makes me aware that dealing with him was part of settle for less syndrome.
  22. I don’t see most men as a potential mate.  I was categorizing every man I meet as a “friend.” But men don’t approach women to be friends with them.  Therefore that too is a waste, because if a woman is entertaining or talking to a man, she’s playing the game rather she knows it or not.  Often-times I am just not in the mood to play the game.

Now that’s 22 walls/boundaries/rules that I have up. A man would literally HAVE to be brilliant, and of my tribe, to find his way through all of that.

Energetically I get along with just about everyone. Men who talk to me feel like they are having a great experience and that we are deeply connecting. Usually we’re not, I am just being polite. Beautiful women are very good at being polite and fainting interest. It’s out contribution to the world. Our presence makes people happy.

I noticed that even with the few men that I say yes to, rarely does it ever turn into a second date, especially if that date came from a dating app. The majority of men on dating apps don’t know how to connect to women, and don’t follow up. They wait for women to do all of the work.

And the people who ENERGETICALLY connect all seem too busy working and doing everything other than being with each other.