A woman who has low expectations for her man doesn’t believe in his MAGIC

by | Love & Relationships

I once had a conversation with a man, and he told me that other women weren’t like me. He told me that other women didn’t care about a man buying them bags and nice things.

He said they didn’t care about a man providing.

He said that other women weren’t used to men who gave them hugs at night and believed in their goals.  He said that’s all those women wanted from him, and they simply liked him for him.

I’ve written two entire books on relationships, including the best book on love ever written, called “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You, Becoming A High Value Woman & Attracting Your Dream Man.’

So I totally understood where this man was coming from.

During that conversation I just listened and didn’t say anything. I understood what he needed as a man. He simply wanted to be loved for who he is and not what he could do.

But the difference between me and those women, is that I see the God in him. I know who he is as he walks this earth. Those women think he’s this sweet, brilliant, down to earth guy, who isn’t perfect, but he’s good enough.  They look at him in human form and believe that he won’t break their heart.

They see him as this cute little puppy…. When in reality he is a full bred LION. 


I know he’s a God that is capable of taking over the world and giving a woman WHATEVER SHE WANTS. I know he’s no different from any other man when it comes to women. He’s going to marry the woman who HIGHLY values herself. He’s not going to marry the woman who accepts crumbs from him.

I laughed and thought it was cute at how he didn’t realize that when a woman can see the GOD in you, she’s not going to settle for a half azz version of you. She’s only going to be with you and choose you, if you go hard for her.

I remember being in relationships with men in the past. I didn’t quite see the God in them. Instead I saw their limitations. I accepted what they gave me and how they treated me, because I believed they were doing the best they can. I looked at those men with sympathy and empathy. I saw their limitations and loved them for them.

But that guy, I can honestly say that I loved his SOUL. I knew where he was going. I knew what he’s gone through in order to accomplish what he had. I was delighted by his MAGIC. I appreciated the small things about him, and the big things too.  I loved him as a WHOLE. But he wasn’t able to understand that kind of soul love from a woman who could SEE him.

But when I can see the God in a man, as I am able to do now that I can see the Goddess within myself, a man had better not come at me as half NOTHING. COME WHOLE BABY! Or don’t come at all.

There are so many God’s in this world, enchanted by the women who want NOTHING or very little from him. Although it feels good, those women aren’t the ones. It’s a man’s job to want nothing from a woman but her energy and allowing him to love her. It’s a woman’s job to be a MUSE for a man and motivate him to reach greater heights.

Not every man can tap into a brilliant, beautiful Goddesses energy and get what God wants him to have.

Some men want a woman who asks for nothing, cause he’ll swear he’ll give her everything. But he’ll never reach his full capabilities with such a woman.  Men need a woman who makes them just a little nervous and uncomfortable. He needs a woman whose presence and life desires will force him to expand and level up.

Never apologize to a man simply because you are the woman who requires more than just d*ck, distant conversation and hugs. Find you a man who wants you to have it all, and wants to be the man to give it to you.

I recently interviewed a Billionaire, and he spoke about how he wanted to be a woman’s blessing. We had such a beautiful conversation.