“You Look Average At Best. You’re Gonna Die Alone” Dating Coach Gives Woman A Savage Response When She Says She Wants A 6-Figure Man!

by | Love & Relationships

A woman decided to hop on Kevin Samuels live and got roasted.

My followers INSIST that I comment on this video.  So here are my thoughts.

Kevin actually wasn’t mean to her. He told her many truths. As shocking as the things he says are, THAT is how most high value men like him think.

I do not believe it was wise for Jessica to go on Kevin’s show, especially with rating herself a 5-6. I rarely watch his channel, and even I know how he is.  She was asking to have her confidence ripped apart.  Even with the particular show she chose to go on.  Kevin says he gave her the option to be a CLIENT instead and get her problems remedied.

Most 6-7 figure boss chicks will invest in anything and everything, except relationship coaching.  Mostly because they felt their degrees, accolades, money, clothes and make-up would net them their dream man. But it doesn’t work like that.

The thing about women is that many women can’t handle the truth about themselves. High value men are A LOT of work. They want the baddest of the baddest women who also have a brain.  They also love a woman who listens and communicates well.

Kevin has a habit of telling women what they can’t get or have.  And from experience of talking to hundreds of male clients, I know he is actually right.

The problem with Candice is that she hopped on Kevin’s show seeking APPROVAL from a man. She felt he would think highly of her because she makes 6 Figures.  Most alpha men don’t care about how much money a woman makes. They make enough to pay their bills and her bills.

Candice was dressed very classy, so she has that going for her. But there are a few tips I could’ve given her in order to get what she wants. It’s definitely possible.. If any woman wants to attract a high value, bill paying man, then she needs to raise her frequency. Good men operate on a higher frequency.

She could’ve bought my book “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You – Becoming a High Value Woman & Attracting Your Dream Man,’ and got some knowledge she could use, instead of willingly allowing herself to be roasted. It was weird watching her allowing herself to be decimated like that.

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