For the past year I’ve been on my journey. The path of enlightenment. The path of discovering my gifts. The path of unleashing my magic unto the world, and changing lives in ways that still shock me at times. 

Us light workers love to scream light and love. But we know this journey comes with more than a few bumps and these gifts we have came from being willing to walk through the valley of the shadow of death aka The Valley of Fire.  We come out unscorched, due to our faith. We look like peaches and cream, smell like we’ve bathed in roses and pink quartz… Mostly because we have. But it is our faith that brought us through. Faith in the dream. Faith in miracles and for the most part a desire to please God. As you go through life you start out religious. It may be light at first. Then one day you pick up the bible and read it for yourself. It’s written in old English so you get bored trying to decipher everything.  Years go by. Then someone hands you an NIV bible. Ohhhh. English. So you read it, front to back. You start learning things, and understanding God. By the time you get to Revelations you have this great fear of God.  The first half of the bible will make you fear God too. The second half makes you feel a little better like “Maybe I can do this after all.”  Either way the promise says you’ll have your hearts desire if you just follow him… So you hop in and follow. You believe, you have faith. It takes a while…things are shaky, but you keep the faith. Then one day things go smooth and it stays that way. 

Years go by and the same thing you were so proud to build, the same success you worked so hard to accomplish starts to stress you out. You begin to want more.  You realize that you seek fulfillment. Since you seem to have way more than average you don’t know why you’re so unsatisfied. You’re even grateful. So this tells you that the problem isn’t material. You realize it’s inner. Thereby entering a thirst for God. Like you just have to get closer to him. You don’t care what anyone thinks. 

So you go through the valley, you go through the changes. Your belief is turned upside down. You go through everything you have to go through and it’s emotionally painful af. Sometimes you want to give up and growth seems slow AF. You may even think of ending it all. But the promise keeps you going.  Then like MAGIC one day everything is smooth again, and life actually makes sense. You come out spiritual AF! (These AF’s are like totally phucking necessary.)


At least that’s what happened to me. Change can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes it may even feel unbearable.  I was talking to my spiritual life coach today Makhosi Candiss, and she said something very enlightening. 

She said ” Some of the greatest growth comes in discomfort.” Pow! Just like that. 

You gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s the only way you’re going to walk into the highest version of yourself.  To do this you must remain consistent. 

Another one of my high performing coaches, Justin Burns, gave me some enlightening information about my own behavior and my habit of tearing sh*t down and starting all over. 

I tear things down and start all over, because my mind tells me to do so. But what he taught me was that’s not necessary. What is necessary though is for me to remain consistent and observe the changes, as I tweak things.

Now  I know consistency and change goes together like white on rice. If you want the nice life, you gotta buckle up your seatbelt and prepare for the ride. And the ride won’t be in a Maserati at first. It’s a whole damn clunky azz rollercoaster and although it’s new to you that rollercoaster looks rickey af.  But when the ride comes to a smooth stop, and you walk off, aren’t you happy you were brave enough to hop on the ride?

That’s life. Everything is always well. Smile your way through. Butterfly!