Sometimes Sh*t Happens…Everything isn’t a reflection of you

by | The Facts of Life

Despite the messages from the light and love world, everything that happens, everything that someone says to you isn’t necessarily a reflection of you. 

You see when you get too far down in the rabbit hole of spirituality and you forget about Jesus, you’ll start to get things twisted.  

The story of Jesus tells of a man who was so divine, was literally God’s son, did everything righteous and people still talked ish about him, people still doubted him, people were still jealous of him. People even killed him.  That’s why it’s not good to take God out of things. You’ll forget about the messages that are already clearly written out for you. 

So someone called you ugly, that’s not a reflection of you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re feeling ugly.  People call Beyonce ugly all of the time, while calling Serena Williams beautiful. But as soon as they saw Serena naked with her booty out, they turned on her. 

Stop listening to everyday people who are not stars. For they mean good, but they don’t understand that stars are stars and people talk about stars.  People also don’t understand that when you’re sweet and honey that you will attract everything, both good and bad.

If you feed all the way into light and love, as if bad doesn’t exist in this world you will forever be walking around feeling sh*tty about yourself, and close yourself off from people so that nothing appears to reflect you. If 97% of people treat you well, chances are you’re a good person. Those 3% who don’t could quite possibly be azzholes.  You could be Mother Teresa and they still wouldn’t care. 

Sometimes sh*t happens so you can simply stop giving af. Life wants you to shift into that person. If you’re being nice to someone and they are being mean to you, and they’re a perfect stranger, maybe that’s simply the Universe telling you that you’re a phucking star and you shouldn’t be so accessible. I mean if you want to analyze everything, analyze it for your benefit, cause that too could be your truth.  If you lay down in the mud with pigs, just because you’re light and love, won’t stop you from getting dirty.. Sometimes things are what they are. 

Move up a level from light and love into the realm of truth. Then you’ll get things done faster, without worrying about what people think of you and feeling like everything is a reflection of you.  Half of the people telling you that everything is a reflection of you, are the people who everything is a reflection of them, because they really haven’t got their confidence together.  If someone calls Oprah the brokest person on the planet, is that a reflection of her finances? NO! So you see how dumb things can be sometimes. Sometimes people are simply stupid. But we are no longer allowed to speak that truth, cause we gotta have empathy for their state of consciousness. 

This is why high level people need to be coached by high level minds. 

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