Watching women cry in online groups about how their Twin Flame left them to marry another woman is the weirdest stuff in the world.

I sit and watch everyone pacify them. Like nobody other than me seems to give them the hard slap they need in order to stop wasting their time and face reality.  Like this is real life, and people are throwing their life away over a storyline. These women are falling in love with men who don’t love them back, and using the Twin Flame storyline to maintain hope that the man will someday come back to them.  It’s one of the lowest forms of self-esteem I’ve ever seen in my life. 

How is it that as a woman you’re publicly confessing that a man doesn’t want you, yet your own mind can’t see that he doesn’t want you. Even if a man isn’t awake, if he chooses to marry another woman he still chose her over you. Send them peace, love and blessings. You also ain’t that woke if you’re still chasing a man who doesn’t want you. That’s common sense. Ya’ll gotta snap out of it. 

Why are you okay with being second best? This is why I only deal with smart, boss azz, beautiful chicks. We ain’t got time to be second best. If a man doesn’t want us we say NEXT. 

Twin Flame is a b.s, narcissistic storyline filled with abuse and someone being unloved. Trash it! You say he picked his soulmate over you, but does it register that he’s going to treat her better than you? You may actually be the better mate for him but that’s not what his soul wants. 

Many men make the mistake of picking the wrong woman. But you gotta let him learn his soul lessons the hard way and wish him the best. And you gotta move on and attract a new man who actually wants to marry you NOW, not later after it didn’t work out with the other chick.

I’m not even trying to be harsh, but if a man is walking his woman down the aisle while you’re on Facebook crying over him, shouldn’t that trigger a message to you that it’s time to let go? I mean honestly he doesn’t care how hurt you are.  You aren’t important to him. He can give two phucks less about you romantically.  You’ll say “Kissy you’re being harsh.” But you don’t see he’s being harsh towards you, living in his truth, just as much as I’m currently delivering this truth to you. This is where your femininity is backfiring on you. You’re being a sweet little lamb, showing you care, bowing down, expressing your love, telling him you miss him, and he doesn’t care. So just maybe that’s not the man God has for you. 

Love is the most amazing thing in the world. But when you bow down to it, without so much as a promise of a ring from him, you are denying the very essence of your soul codes that says you are Queen.  Are you a peasant woman or are you a Queen?

Can’t you see that man is killing your soul, making you feel less than? No, you’ll never have Kissy confidence when you’re with a man who treats you like second best. I got rid of men who tried that with me.  It would’ve stopped me from walking in my purpose. How am I to help raise the confidence of women if I’m not even confident to leave what’s not good for me behind. 

And I understand love more than most humans do. I am The Goddess of Love. I’ve experienced immense, blissful love with men who didn’t value me as much as a valued them, so I stopped valuing them and valued myself some more. 

As women we want men to see us, but you gotta realize that when you truly are a chosen one, every man can not see you. I tell ya’ll all the time that Oprah herself could be 33-years-old about to take a leap into fame, dating a 6 figure man who wouldn’t be able to see her plain as day. He’ll look at her like she’s just any other woman. He wouldn’t even be able to see that woman is headed to the top of world, with massive power, sitting on billions.

Anytime a man can’t see you most women start trying to figure out what’s wrong with her. Maybe sometimes you should ask yourself wtf is wrong with him?  You feel you’re not perfect, but what’s so perfect about him that he wasted both of your time, by not being willing to go all in with you.

At least that’s the way I see things. A man seeing me or not being able to see me, doesn’t change who I AM or where I am going. I instill this message into my clients. 

We could all become better people and improve our relationships. But you do that with someone who wants to do the work to be with you. 

Some of you women do the easy thing of staying basic AF. When you’re high value you simply know that a lot of men are dumb. WHY? Because you’ve already done the work. You know you’re the sh*t.

Try it. Do the work. Walk into your purpose instead of focusing on a man. Level Up. Glow Up. Call in a divine King. He will breathe a whole new life into you.

But you gotta love yourself first in order to attract him. You gotta feel like you deserve a man who chooses you first. Self-Love is everything.

Sis, let go. I promise you that some other man will love you. God didn’t send you here to be pitiful. He sent you to reign.