“True Wealth doesn’t scream” is such a silly statement. Forbes magazine screams with the Networth of the world’s richest billionaires and millionaires. 

They scream it out at the top of the mountains. Back in the bible days Kings wore purple robes, were given land, riches and lots of women.  When you saw a King and his entourage coming you knew. 

When Cleopatra showed up on the Nile river, she would come in a boat with a mast. Music would be playing. Gorgeous women in sultry outfits would be on the boat. If you didn’t know who she was upon arrival. You would definitely know after. 

True Wealth has always screamed in one way or another. What it screams is FREEDOM to make choices and do what you want.  It’s freedom to express how fabulous you feel about yourself. It’s freedom to do what you want. It’s freedom to take you perfectionist eyes and collect even prettier, well made, nicely crafted, high quality things. 

Therefore when I see someone screaming about how true wealth doesn’t scream, and how proud they are to shop at Target, perfectly posed in front of the store sign, in order to illicit likes from the commoners who feel they will never be as rich or successful or whatever people feel; I end up screaming. 

WHY? It triggers me because I know how much it confuses opulent souls. Souls who are called to live their best life. It rocks them to sleep. They get confused and get off of their mission. They start trying to talk themselves out of their greatest desires. They start trying to be happy with whatever they have, instead of being grateful for whatever they have while setting out to manifest what their soul seeks. 
#1 You know what else? When you see that Phantom pull up, your eyes are going. It’s loud, it’s bold, it’s sleek. It’s beautiful. It smells like success when you sit inside. You see the eyes when you pull up. Can’t nobody tell you nothing. You arrive and your presence now screams loudly. People validated you upon exiting the car. Psychology. 
#2. If there is anything to be measured in terms of wealth, it is of spiritual souls who understand this is all an illusion, and that abundance is simply a mindset that has to be tapped into. The pursuit of wealth and abundance is good for the soul.  You learn so many lessons in becoming your best self. Wealthy people actually help others.  By transmuting your own shadows, getting better habits and clearing your limited beliefs, you are better able to assist others on the journey.  That’s what makes some of us such great life coaches. We actually did that! 
#3. Everybody was not born to be basic AF. Lack of progress is nothing to brag about. When a wealthy person goes and shops at Dollar Tree, that doesn’t make them down to earth. That makes them like everyone else who goes into stores to buy.
#4 Not everyone grew up wanting to shop at the goodwill. If being less, and doing less is your thing, stop trying to down others who like nice things. Money only makes you more of who you are. If you were basic AF before the money of course you’ll be pretty basic after.  Same with women who are good looking and coming up short. She’ll be even more good looking after she has unlimited access to Chanel. And you know what? You’re going to respect her when she walks in the door. Because success is loud. It’s high. It’s a frequency. 
#5 Stop saying rich people are humble and drive Toyotas. They live in mansions, take private jets, get picked up in limos, get invited to the head of the table at Elite events and have the FREEDOM to buy whatever they want. Sometimes they also want to blend in, so less flashy cars do well for them.  
Wealthy people do things basic people don’t do. There are the basics who will brag about the basics and there are the opulent souls who want the best out of life. If you can choose between two things, an opulent soul is always going to choose the best one, not based upon price and think they are better simply because it’s cheap. An opulent soul is definitely going for marble or granite over basic countertops. They are going to put a pool out back because they can. They are going to get the high quality product and be happy they can get what they want.
P.S. Celebrities don’t post that they are at The Dollar Tree to be down to earth. They do it for ATTENTION and likes. Because you’re going to say “Awwwwe. They are so nice and so humble.” WHY? Because now you believe them to be LIKE YOU.
Get over the you can only have or BE one thing syndrome. By now you should now that you can truly have it all. But only if you believe it.