Saw a discussion on Facebook today and the post centered around “Pick Me’s is very interesting.

A man named Christoper wrote: 

Pick Me's

His post makes perfect sense.  

He was attempting to explain that there are lots of single women chasing high value men, while women on the other hand are being used for sex, taken for granted and tossed to the side to continue the chase. He also stated in the comments that women need to put in EFFORT to be seen, especially online when a man has 2,000+ Facebook friends. 

I  understand where he’s coming from. Yet, I must call it like I see it, from my level, and shed some light on the situation.

A King in divine masculinity, sitting on his throne, always gets the woman he wants.

Lions go for what they want. Until a man activates his divine King throne codes he will continue to take whatever woman is nice to him and chases him. A divine King gets the woman he wants.  He knows he needs a woman who is an asset to him. Therefore, he’s not distracted by 2,000 other women, because they won’t due for him. He’s focused, and not lost like other men. He’s looking for her.   HER is at the top of the tree.  He’s not about to be like the other men who are on the group picking up the apples that are laying around. Those guys have limited vision. HE sees what he wants at the top. He’s brave, he has his heart and sights set on her. So he gets her. 
A divine King knows what he wants. Therefore when he finally meets her, he shuts sh*t down. He’s a winner. It’s always chess and not checkers. I’m not saying he doesn’t move in smooth and gracefully, but what he does is set his sight on the target and start luring it in.  The dance begins. 
If a man is expecting a woman to chase him, that’s not divine masculinity. It’s feminine behavior, and I know for a fact, Goddesses like me, are attracted to testosterone and men who are confident enough to stand tall, ball tall,  and vibrate high enough to get a woman of our caliber. Because we ain’t going for just anyone. Especially not a weak one who doesn’t know how to catch his own damn fish.
Some men literally have to be told it’s time to let their mama’s titty go. Women are not here to chase a man and do everything for him. Her help is not in the DOING. Doing is your job. She’s there to simply BE. #LevelUp

That is why I wrote my new book “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You – Becoming a High Value Woman & Getting The Man Of Your Dreams.”
You Can't Force A Man To Value You
Getting the man you desire, requires that a woman work on herself, not go to work to get a man. That’s backwards. You can’t chase a real man talking about “Pick Me,” even if he does pick you, it may because you wore him down, he felt guilty or simply never vibrated high enough to get what he truly wants. 

If a woman wants her relationship to last, she must pick a man who is totally in love with her.  It’s okay for a woman to flirt with a man, and make him aware of his presence. But once he sees her, he knows. It simply doesn’t take much more EFFORT than that. Most of the effort before meeting a high value man is done on herself.    Once she becomes the highest version of herself she will then attract men who like her. 
Dating is a game of “How Can I Get This Woman To Marry me?” When it’s played any different than that, the results don’t tend to work out in the long run. 
A woman can’t put forth EFFORT to try to prove herself in hopes that a man chooses and picks her.  That’s feminine on his behalf  and masculine on hers.    It’s up to a woman to become her best self, let the men show up, and pick the one she wants.  But even in her head she too should know what she wants well before he shows up.  

Then when the two come together, it’s more like a match made in heaven, because the energy connects. Soon they realize why they were brought together. 
 Men are hunters by nature, not receivers… That’s why they have penis and women have a womb…

It’s not up to a woman to chase a man to get him to see her, value her or want her. 

I should also mention that some of us women, although we are spiritual, composed and feminine, we are equally balanced in the masculine. We are fierce warrior Queens.  We are what most smart, successful men actually need, cause YES, men want their businesses to flow smoother. Being around our brain and frequency sets him up for easy wins. 

But knowing that, we’re just not about to hand ourselves over to just any man. He must have a LION in him, roaring, taking life by the balls and making things happen in his life.  We’re turned on by winners.  We don’t want the man who will just take any woman.
A man who will take anything, will never treat a woman like she’s special.  Cause she’s not.  Plus what woman has time to be trying to convince a man that he can win, when he didn’t even have the balls to win her heart..