Top 5 Problems That Keep Most Aspiring Writers Failing – And How To Succeed

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There are loads of resources online and offline that teach you how to become a profitable writer or how to become a high ticket life coach.  Those offerings include courses, classes and seminars on writing, creating a course and even growing your following. Heck, there are 90,000 search results for writing books on Amazon.

But despite that, most people don’t experience success as a writer.

Thousands of posts, books, blogs and courses  are written each year. But only a handful of them sell. And even less are read, or published.

The internet has made showcasing your writing as easy as pie.  Yet the statistics and numbers or successful writers is highly disappointing. 

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Nearly 80% of writers make less than $1,000 per year with their writing. 786,935 books were self-published in 2016. And over 600,000 of them hardly made anything. Over 150,000 of them made $0. Yikes.

Now why is that?

The truth is there are a few problems that most writers face when they have a magic idea that is begging to be birthed through their passion of writing. 

In working one-on-one with my coaching clients, I’ve noticed the same set of problems pop up over and over again.

I noticed that I actually didn’t experience most of these problems myself.  The way I go about building a 7 figure empire strictly by writing is something that was embedded in me from birth and from being a natural and magnetic internet marketer.

I wanted to share these problems with you so that you understand you are not alone, and how to see your way through over to the profitable side of writing and course creation.  


Hands down, the most common reason many don’t succeed at writing is they don’t believe they can. Or they feel unworthy of charging substantial fees for their products and coaching.  Making a living as a writer takes more than simply passion.  It takes a burning desire to win and being unwilling to accept anything less than a profitable business. Without this you are bound to experience abundance blocks.

When I first started out with the intent to start a blog and monetize my writing, most people told me that I would fail. Despite their opinion I applied my personal K.I.S.S.Y. method to create a multiple 6-figure and 7 Figure blog with viral content.  Many were shocked that I was right to believe in myself. 


This belief stops a lot of people right at square one. They don’t pursue their passion to write, and instead spend life their life at a day job they absolutely hate.

Without belief in yourself and your writing abilities, you’ll never make it to the dream life side of those who do what they say they will. 

And a big reason many writers don’t believe in themselves is…

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You can’t just wake up one morning and say “I’m gonna be a writer!” and then expect the first thing you churn out to go down in history as one of the all-time greats. Then again you can.  I published my first book on Amazon and its definitely an all time great.  The book is selling and has amazing reviews. 

Why did this happen? Because I have a system set up to get traffic that I then direct to my writing.  As a life coach whose gift is sharing your gifts through writing, you need to have a successful writing system, that attracts aligned followers who love to buy. 

To write successfully, you have to have a system. You don’t really need a system to help you write. You know how to write a book, perhaps you even know how to write a course. You know things and you do things, that don’t exactly work as you would desire.  Face it, you need followers. 

Luckily, I can help you create that system. 

But even though some writers have these systems, another reason they fail is…


Many writers don’t have a support system in place to help encourage them along the path. The most successful writers who profit from their writing tend to have not only a mentor, but a group of aligned souls with the same mission and purpose.  This group of people can be relied upon to provide support when the going gets tough.

All too often, our “normal” friends don’t understand what we writers, light workers, earth angels, Gods & Goddesses go through. They don’t understand the tough decisions we have to make, the frustration we have to deal with or the silence and alone time needed in able to birth the creativity that is coming through.

And most really don’t understand the fear of rejection we face when we share our work with others. Sometimes I still throw my writing out there, then go run and hide. Each time to my surprise, my writing is LOVED. 

Some people don’t believe in your ability to write, let alone actually monetizing your writing. But soulmate followers read everything you write and purchase everything you drop. 

When thoughts of self-doubt creep into your mind, the last thing you need is someone saying you’ll never make it.

So many writers stopped pursuing their dreams because they didn’t have anyone to believe in them.

They didn’t have a system of support from other writers who understood them.

Writing can get lonely. You spend so much time in your imaginary world, and none of your friends can come with you. You feel like they don’t understand what it’s like to be a writer.

But there are many who do. And you can attract them to you as easy as honey on butter. 

Monetizing your writing becomes much easier when you have a mentor. In fact, you actually need a mentor. 

The key to success in anything is to find someone who’s done what you want to do, and model them.

And by model them, I mean replicate their actions and behaviors for success. Do as they do, and write as they write.

Two heads are better than one. And we all need someone to run our ideas by every now and then. That’s where a writing mentor can help. But I am not a writing mentor. I am not even a coach. I am a Dream Life Strategist.  I align you with your true soul’s calling and help you discover your own unique soul aligned strategy to manifest the life of your dreams. 


Even when your friends don’t believe in you, a soulmate following will keep you going. They will thrive while reading your writing and encourage you to write more. You’ll see great shifts take place from your free content and being to see your worth and why you should charge for your writing. 

But the only way to build a soul aligned following is to write in a manner that speaks to your tribe.  When I say tribe, I am not speaking about a niche.  I am instead speaking about a specific group of souls that you are specifically called to serve. 

They have a specific group of problems that you can easily solve. 

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1940, Princeton, New Jersey, USA — Albert Einstein smokes a pipe as as he sits writing in a comfortable chair in his study. — Image by © Lucien Aigner/CORBIS


This is one of the biggest problems that affects writers, life coaches and people in general. It’s a lack of discipline and commitment due to misalignment.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you actually can create a course in a day. You actually can write a book in 30 Days or less. You can do all kinds of things normal people would find to be impossible. 

But do you have the discipline to keep believing when the going gets tough? Do you have the discipline to consistently take action and move through your blocks to create a 7 Figure writing empire?

I’ve met plenty of aspiring writers who gave up on a book they were writing because it was hard work, and they felt they didn’t have enough time. So therefore the book, the beautiful idea stays in their mind.  For one or all of the reasons I listed above, somewhere along the line they gave up on the manifestation of their business.  Often this comes after taking multiple courses and coaching ideas, and getting stuck on a strategy you were told to stick to. But the strategy doesn’t work for you. 

To succeed as a writer, you need perseverance. You need grit. You need a kick the door down, get it down, I refuse to settle for my comfort zone or mediocrity kind of attitude. You have to keep writing until you’re at the end and know you’ve created an amazing course, blog or book.  You have to keep writing until you get to experience the satisfaction that comes from completing the goal. 

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Sure, there are some shortcuts and secrets to help catapult your success to the next level. I share as many advanced strategies with my clients. 

But I didn’t find those secrets out overnight. I spent years writing tons of blogs, reading dozens of books, honing my craft, staying aligned with my vision and not moving from my 7 Figure Media Empire Dream. 

If I had quit at any point along the way, I’d still be absolutely fabulous and amazing. I’d still be more successful than average. But just like you, this is about meeting the challenges of your soul. You will always have a desire to level up and do more, in order to touch more souls. 

I’m not going to lie, writing is hard work, but so satisfying with it’s aligned with people who thank you for your creation.

Can you imagine people actually paying you and then thanking you for writing your book, thanking you just for being you, wanting to pay you, thanking you for allowing them to purchase your course and being so grateful for the energetic healing and transformation, that they tell all of their friends about you and your writing?

Can you imagine having followers who follow you year after year, and go right with you when it’s time for a shift into enlightenment?

Can you imagine closing sales via Facebook messenger and getting daily inboxes of people asking to work with you?

Can you imagine actually getting your clients to write?

Can you imagine making money from your writing in your sleep?  Can you imagine getting a review on your book that says it’s the best book EVER written? How about getting reviews from the opposite sex on a book you wrote for the other sex.

As you can see, thesee are all things that I’ve been accomplishing for the past decade. At first I thought that no one else could pull this off, until I started teaching and seeing real transformation.  I don’t show you these things to brag.  My intent is to show you that the impossible is truly possible with the right strategy. 

I am an expert at monetizing my writing and building an aligned following who loves me and almost everything I do. 

With the K.I.S.S.Y system for writing, support from peers and mentors, soulmate clients and buyers, clarity into your soul vision, and discipline to consistently see it through, you’ll gain the confidence you’re seeking and make the money you always wanted to. And that belief in yourself will fuel your success. You will actually be grateful that you kept going and actually make a great living from writing. 

So don’t give up. While you may feel like a failure cause you haven’t manifested $20K+ plus months in your business yet, take the time to pat yourself on the back for reaching $10K+ months.  Pat yourself on the back for completing your course or publishing your book.  There is no perfect path to success.  Know that success is yours and it’s already within you. 

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