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You may or may not be familiar with Dr. Cindy Trimm, but she is one the most brilliant, most anointed Prophetesses on the planet.

Cindy is known for her bold, powerful voice, and for teaching women how to create a life of love, joy, happiness and wealth.

Inside the latest issue of “O” Magazine, Trimm speaks on her journey to marriage and how it took her 60-years to learn how to play the cards she was dealt.

“Growing up poor in Bermuda, Dr. Cindy Trimm-Tomlinson always loved the Cinderella story. But it wasn’t Prince Charming or the romantic ending that she admired; instead, it was the character’s determination that inspired Cindy the most. No matter what obstacles got in Cinderella’s way, she held out for her happily ever after. “We don’t weigh in on the cards we are dealt, it’s how we play them,” Cindy tells

While chasing a major entrepreneurial career, Cindy told the magazine that she had problems with men, because she didn’t need them.

“I certainly had my share of dating. I dated a variety of personalities—great men—but most seemed a bit overwhelmed by a woman who knew who she was and did not necessarily need a man to make her feel complete,” remembers Cindy.

Cindy’s friends warned her that her career was getting in the way of love.

As the years passed, Cindy’s friends told her that her ambitions and success might be intimidating to potential romantic partners, but Cindy knew that anyone she was going to marry would need to be confident enough in who he was that he wouldn’t be threatened by her accomplishments. “I am a leader, and I knew I didn’t have to be dumbed down to be embraced by the man of my dreams,” says Cindy.

Because Cindy was satisfied being single and unwilling to compromise, she found herself unmarried well into her late thirties. Yet she thrived as a leader at the top of her field.
Cindy happily created a vision board for her life, and went on to travel the world by herself and achieve great accolades.  As she walked into her 50’s the thought suddenly dawned on Cindy that she may be alone for the rest of her life.
“It was then that Cindy started to consider that she might end up being single for the rest of her life. “The thought was haunting,” says Cindy. She wondered if she had been too picky in the past. But even with moments of self-doubt she says, “I couldn’t bring myself to settle, just for the sake of settling down.”
At age 58-the call finally came in. Cindy found herself a HUSBAND and not a project.
Fast forward to 2016, and Cindy, then age 58, got a call from a former colleague of hers, Russell Tomlinson. “I had a feeling that he was going to ask me on a date and the answer was absolutely no,” says Cindy, who made it a policy to never mix romantic and professional relationships. Despite her best intentions, Cindy found herself having deep and meaningful conversations with Russell. She finally agreed to a date. Then another, and then another. “We spent the first six months of dating just talking,” Cindy says, “Talking about values, about dreams, about goals, about finances.” Not only did Cindy love that they shared so many beliefs and career goals, she also felt right away that she could be completely herself with Russell. For Cindy, who had been totally independent person, it was an adjustment learning to share her life with someone else but she says, “He gave me the room to grow in that area—he’s both gentle and a gentleman.”
One of Cindy’s biggest concerns about getting married was that it would interfere with her work goals and busy professional life. “I wanted to marry a person, not a project,” Cindy says. So when Russell proposed to Cindy, he chose a moment where she was completely in her element: on stage in front of hundreds of people at a conference in Bermuda. It was an easy yes. “People marry for different reasons,” says Cindy, but, “I wanted to grow old with this person.”


Kissy's Thoughts
This story reveals why women need to get clear on what kind of man they NEED in their life.  What can a man do for you RIGHT NOW, that fits into your life?  Good men simply are not intimidated by boss chicks.  But they need a woman who has room and TIME to receive him.
If your desire is to do everything on your own, because you don’t need a man, then it should be no surprise that you don’t have one.
High performing women must admit to what they want, and allow the right man into their space to help them achieve their goals.
The problem is most times you’re too afraid to ask for or expect the help you NEED in exchange for your energy, love, light and companionship.   So you therefore continue to date men, asking them for nothing, while hiring staff and employees to help you with your business and goals, while your love life remains stagnant.  It’s the search of perfection and feeling worthy.
There is a question each single woman must ask herself.
What would the man of your dreams do for you NOW? How would he treat you now?
Often times boss chicks are so busy trying to change your own life by yourself. You’re not expecting any man to save you from yourself and your work addiction. Therefore no man does.
The moment you surrender to your true soul’s desires is when your soulmate will pop in.
When he gets there, will you have a place for him?