These 7 Tips Will Help You Lower Your Stress & Increase Your Sex Drive

by | Dating

If you’re not experiencing a lit up sex life, or at least feelings of pure bliss, you may want to check your stress levels. These days with the rules of entrepreneurship being tooted to work till you drop, meaning people are drawn away from their natural state of flow and bliss. This causes problems in their romantic relationships.

Here are a few ways to lower your stress and increase your sex.

  1. Get rid of cheating mates or dishonest associations
  2. Spend time by yourself
  3. Touch yourself.  Love on Yourself
  4. Focus on activities that bring you joy
  5. Have a positive mindset
  6. Take massive action to accomplish your goals and get things done
  7. Love people for who they are, not for what they do

Once you do these things, you will find yourself tapped in, tuned in and turned on.  For any male reading this article, my best suggestion for you is to find a woman you can afford to upkeep.  Seduce her away from producing in masculine energy and pull her into her feminine energy.  She NEEDS that from you.

When it comes to relationships, make sure you are seducing your mate on a daily basis. Never let the fun leave. Date forever.