The only reason you’re still tripping over your ex

by | Love & Relationships

The only reason you’re still tripping over your ex, is because you haven’t found “The One.”

When you find “The One,” or even another soulmate who appears to be “The One,” mostly cause they treat you so well, everything begins to make sense to you.  The connection is so strong you quickly begin to see why your last relationship had to end. You see that mate did not fit into the overall divined purpose for your life.  It’s not always easy to understand, but you do see how they weren’t meant for you.

You now PREFER what’s in front of you or would like the equivalent of it or better.  Because it’s faster, smarter, and better in many ways. 

If you don’t feel this way, and you’re currently in a relationship, lets take a second to tell yourself the truth.  You’re not truly in love. You settled AGAIN.

That is all.