The black woman is often taken for granted by the man she loves: The Black Man

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Nobody understands a black man’s plight more than a black woman. But black men often abuse black women, and no one wants to admit to that.
It’s not that most intend to. But most simply weren’t taught how to be a gentleman, how to provide, or the value of a woman.
Black men grow up watching videos that depict black women as sexual objects to be collected by the multitude.
They are not shown love and marriage. And the ones who do grow up to be amazing gentleman, often believe that other men are just like them.
When a black woman goes to college and makes money, she believes that she will now finally be able to get a good man who loves her and respects her. She often doesn’t care if a man pays bills or anything. She doesn’t care if he has a degree. She doesn’t expect him to be anywhere perfect. She doesn’t mind helping him prosper and get to the next level. Most times she only expects love and loyalty from him. And oftentimes she doesn’t even expect love, because she has grown to notice that all of the men she’s dated, cheat… And they cheat with the most basic chicks.
Meanwhile when the black man gets a degree and some money, he starts thinking he’s a good man. He now wants women to cater to him, and buy him gifts. he now wants a woman who slaves in the kitchen, washes dishes, births kids, makes good money, and sexes him properly. He wants her to pay half of the bills and submit to him. Most times she agrees and she’s with it.
Then he goes off and cheats. Cause his friends told him that women are out here in abundance. He doesn’t even open car doors. He will questions why he should open the door for a woman. He’s like “B*tch, why can’t you get it yourself.” he thinks he’s a hot commodity.
He’ll tell you that married people are unhappy, or it’s just a piece of paper.
And that black woman accepts all of it, because she loves the black man.
Let’s not forget then they are each calling each other toxic. When the truth is, all are broken.
The only way to return to wholeness, is through God. And God is LOVE. Yet people think love is such a bad thing.
Why do people get in relationships, and forget that it’s really about LOVE?
People have made relationships about everything other than love. And the ones who know in your heart that real love is true. They call you crazy.
It’s a fascinating thing to know God. People would call that religious, but God isn’t a religion after all.

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