Why I don’t put my power in burning sage or using crystals

by | Spirituality

There is nothing wrong with burning sage. What’s wrong is when you are impressed with something outside of yourself.

When you believe that something outside of you has great power.

Same thing with crystals. Spirituality has people running around indulging in the Payless part of spirituality, instead of the Louboutin portion of spirituality.

Elevated spiritual people be like “That’s cute.”

People are avoiding the work, going with fads and have no real power because they placed their power outside of themselves.

It’s okay to burn sage, and it’s even okay to use crystals. We like blingy things. We like purity and things that smell good.

But like I said, the truth of spirituality is to KNOW THYSELF. People are escaping from doing the work.

So many people try to move away from God, when the truth is IT’S ALL GOD.

I heal my clients within an hour of getting on the phone with THEM. Because the power is WITHIN ME. Even if I used crystals, it is I, who gives the crystals power.

Now here is another truth. Some of you reading this are bothered as phuck by my confidence and the way I speak about my divinity.

Meanwhile your confidence relies on a damn crystal… Once again, if I sold someone a crystal. It would work, BECAUSE OF ME.

I AM POWERFUL. My ENERGY is healing. It heals, impacts, and empowers WHATEVER I WANT IT TO.

Activate your I AM.

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