💖 When I went Christian they told me to leave God out of it, because the Christians would never accept me and my half tops.  🤣

I somewhat listened, because I WANTED TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND MAKE MONEY.  

Made multiple 6 figures for years…. 


then I still found my way…

back to GOD.

Now I often preach divine knowledge to preachers.  

💜 When I went spiritual, they told me to leave spirituality out of it. I refuse to listen. This time I know who I AM. I get it. I am here for spiritual ascension. I am not here to be regular, conform, humble myself to the human box of constriction, or to fit in. I am here to humble myself to God’s mission for my life. I am here to surrender the illusion of CHOICE.


Did you know that you are the best authority on you? That and someone who truly loves you.  

Mentors are good people, but when you are a divine soul people simply don’t know what’s best for you. They’ve had hundreds of REGULAR clients.

🦄 Unicorns are rare breeds with soul constructed plans that MUST BE abided by, cause either way the Universe will snatch your soul in the right direction one way or another. Why do you think you’re so nice and understanding of people???? 🤷‍♀️ So you can help them.


Now I watch payments come in from things I’ve spoken or written. Often times I am out and about, silently enjoying the beauty of life, along with all of it’s magnificence. 

Writing… A mentor told me to stop that too… She told me to throw my WHOLE gift away.  

🖊 I make a lot of money by WRITING. I INFLUENCE and impact people with the things I write. I inspire people to want to be like me because I WRITE.

Out of all the jobs in the world, I most enjoy being the geeky barbie that I AM.  I get paid to be the nerd that I AM. Never had to fit in with them. Always thought I was pretty cool, without them, on my own. Always thought my own brilliance to be a pretty cool thing. I still love to cuddle up and reads book. I could’ve easily fit in with them. Didn’t want to.

Would you like to find joy in being different? 

If you decide to embody the highest expression of your soul. It’s a great deal of soul work. You’ll cry a lot of tears. You’ll make mistakes. But I mostly did great.

I decided to do great things.

You always challenge yourself to be a better human or to be a better person. That’s why I desired to fulfill my purpose and get closer to GOD. And when you truly want to know God, he will make sure you do. And you will see how it all routes back to YOU.

💖 It feels so good to have a business that gives you freedom and fulfills your soul. To finally be able to SEE the masterplan unfold. To not have to figure IT out anymore, and to simply go with flow. To be okay with loving yourself..

I was born a light in the darkness. Found my way out. It is written. So that I could turn around and help you find your light too.

🙏 I prayed my way through lots of it. Now I know to take the time out away from working, and just enjoy life. You must enjoy the journey, but stay focused. 

Are you ready to experience a SOUL ALIGNMENT HEALING SESSION.

You’ll feel broken when you haven’t been listening to soul. All of the answers are inside of you. You only need help REMEMBERING who you are.

See me, I remembered who I AM suddenly. It feels so good that I can’t go back the other way, where it’s tight and conforming. Couldn’t breathe back there.  The air feels so free up here, where you dare to be different, by being yourself. 

Can you imagine how it feels to have your whole soul set free? It’s such a journey of self-discovery.  You’ll get close again, to the beauty of your own skin and how good it feels. It feels so good to remember how awesome and magical you are. 

It feels so good to be love.

People telling me to take God out of it, was like telling me to take myself out of it.  How can you take the God out of God?  You can’t. It’s impossible. 

I am sure it also feels impossible for you to continue running around , trying to be like them. 

Allow in wholeness of  Soul Alignment. So that you can feel good again, and let all of that other stuff go. 

Wouldn’t you like to get in flow state?