For most of my life, I’ve been in a rush to get somewhere….  No matter where I was, there always seemed some place else i’d rather be. Except for the moments of bliss when I experienced pure love. Or what I believed to be the start of it. In those moments I felt like it was just me and him in our own little world.

Other than that, wherever I was, was never good enough. Therefore nothing and nobody would be good enough for me.

No one is ever going to be good enough for you, until you love yourself enough to unconditionally love yourself and your FULL desires. ~ Kissy Denise 

The illusion is that you’re supposed to wait, or earn before you can feel worthy of….

Today I think about how many people rushed me and told me that I was supposed to be somewhere. They had no sympathy for my soul’s journey. I agreed with each and every one of them, taking note as to why I wasn’t there yet. I had no sympathy for myself. Each revelation of my imperfections served as yet another negative aspect to focus on, on my never-ending self-development journey. 😭

I swear loving yourself is a full-time job. (Baby, you’d better work with me to help you come up with a soul-aligned, automated system, so you can spend more time on your love life.)

Looking back, I loved myself a lot more before I started on this spiritual/self-development journey.  I couldn’t tell you how many things I’ve found wrong with myself in the past 3-years. It’s one thing after another.  It’s like cleaning a mirror, thinking you have it perfect, and then BAM.  There goes another fkn smudge!

But hey,  I did it, cause I wanted to get somewhere…. To that place where I’d finally be super happy, super perfect, whole, complete and about $96 million or trillion dollars in the bank… (Lord knows that everytime we accomplish one impossible goal, all we do is turn around and set a new impossible one, cause nothing is impossible to us.)

Anyway, today, for the first time in my life I finally arrived at that place in my heart and in my life. And what it took to become this master manifestor is absolutely remarkable. I want you to understand that this moment in time, is the most valuable moment of my life up until now, and it only took me my ENTIRE LIFE to reach.

I definitely could’ve been here a lot sooner. But now there’s a deeper understanding of “You are always in the perfect place at the perfect time.”  Sometimes you’re trying to cross the bridge, and you deeply want to cross the bridge.


But God isn’t going to let you cross until you learn the lesson. You have to see things with clarity, before the next manifestation is given to you.  As you must receive it with PURE gratitude. (Not fake gratitude.)  God wants you to really understand what you have and what you’re BEING given. Therefore the blessing is always in the lesson.

Now that I’m finally here, I get to finally stop judging myself for not being perfect, for not learning things fast enough, and for not being all of everything others expect of me.

For not being perfect I’m so amazingly awesome. Like I real life am just as amazing as I always believed myself to be, EXACTLY THE WAY I AM.  Heck, if I were anymore perfect, people wouldn’t be able to get in my life.  People should be happy that I allow them to show up in all of their divine greatness and be faster than me or better at me than me at something. Cause honey I’m good at about 2 Million things. So what if I’m not perfect at soccer. That allows me to fawn all over your soccer skills, and for me to have space to allow you to teach me something.  (Don’t feed into the I’m not healing anyone or teaching anyone anything hype. That sh*t is an illusion. Together we are perfectly imperfect because when we can fill in for the weaknesses of our mates and they ours, you’re unstoppable!)

Today, I decide to live my life. Today is in real life, the first day of the rest of my life. I feel gratitude for all of my experiences both dark and light, that brought me to this point. 🙏

I feel open to receiving love at a greater level. I know for a fact that I won’t be accepting crumbs from anyone. I really get to have it all now. I am so excited, and looking forward to the love, abundance, and miracles that are now manifesting into my life every day.  I am showered in all of the ways the Universe is gleefully giving to me. And I feel WORTHY of DESERVING of them.

And most importantly, it really does get to be easy from here on out.

I want a new picture painted of me. Just so I can look up and see what REAL LOVE looks like.

Kissy Denise Goddess copy

Kissy Denise – The Masterpiece | THE Goddess of Love & Motivation. The greatest to ever do it in this world.

Oh forgive me for loving on myself…. I know I was supposed to ask someone for permission to do so,

I realize I was never really broken. The world simply wasn’t good enough for me.  Trying to comform and be of this world isn’t me. I can be just as savage as the snakes. But it’s not who God called me to be. My love is pure. No wonder I wasn’t quick just to hand it to anyone. I know the true VALUE of my love now. It’s priceless. But I’ll take a million minimum.

💰The kind of love I give is prosperous AF. 💎



I always tell you that true humility is forgoing your ego, and doing what God told you to be and do, despite what other people may think or how others treat you. Even simply being a kind person, can be scary in this world.

What’s weird about this world, is that some of us are deeply loving, and we watch people try to play us for a fool, or think that we are a fool.  They don’t realize that we simply CHOOSE to BE LOVE.

I’m curious and excited for this next part of my life. So grateful to finally be fully into my next level of the journey.  A lot of people didn’t make it into this realm with me. They doubted me too soon. 👁

The thing about that is that they were only reflecting my own self-doubt back to me. But the thing about me is that I can stop doubting myself at anytime. You phucked up, by not realizing that I’m a high trajectory soul. I figure things out fast or eventually.  I am under divine laws of greatness. I’m going where I’m going regardless of how long it takes. It fact I’m Quantum Leaping and performing miracles.

Cause there is no way that a woman with my backstory should’ve made it this far. But I did.  I came to this earth for the win. I found my way back to love. God is good!

Written with Love,

Kissy 💋

SIDENOTE:  If I didn’t move fast enough for you, that’s YOUR problem. Not mine. You can’t rush a Goddess when she’s at work creating her next masterpiece.  These beautiful manifestations of mine take time to sort out properly.  I’m like Michaelangelo. Bish this is art!

 I like things to be perfect when I arrive. It is what it is.  And the Universe agrees, and rolls out the red carpet for me.

If nobody else believes in me, the Universe does. It seems to know that I am God approved. Everything I touch turns to gold, including you.

The whole world should line up to be KISSED BY KISSY.   That’s the secret recipe.