Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment: Why Am I Always High?

by | Spirituality

I stay high all the time. I mean high as a kite, as if I am on drugs.  Oftentimes I find myself on my laptop and an idea comes to me.  Immediately I apply the idea, and suddenly I get high.

Sometimes I’m on calls with my clients, and as I coach them through their problems, I start getting high.

When I go live sometimes, and I’m talking about spiritual things, I get high.

In many ways I think my high can be contributed to my male friends. They are so brilliant and help me build my empire.

My male friends are spiritual, love God, highly conscious and walking in their purpose.  Even though I am a hot mess online, I don’t get a lot of judgements from them.  They seriously appreciate me as I am, and encourage me to keep going on my mission.

I have yet to meet a romantic interest who compares to them.  You absolutely can not settle for less when you have real activated God’s in your life.

Although I was highly interested in one guy who was a God, but he hadn’t really taken his throne yet, and had issues with me “calling myself” a Goddess. Apparently he thinks it was some title that I just made up.  Obviously his consciousness was a bit lower than mine. Yet he was or is brilliant, but I guess not brilliant enough if he can’t see me.


Anyway, whether my natural high is caused by men, walking in purpose or both, what is truly going on here is FLOW STATE.

You may have heard many people talk about being in the flow.  Flow state is when you are available for divine intuition and move with it, with no worries.  This is when you are able to manifest with ease and grace.

Now you know.