I was reading something, that sparked my interest.

I read this and I feel the heart of the person who wrote it. They don’t respect boundaries, doesn’t put themselves first, and believes in self-sacrifice.  Yet, they know that love is a choice.

I was thinking of how many people meet their soulmate and have no idea what’s standing in front of them.  Soulmates have a very strong connection to one another that goes past emotional love.  It’s a love that stands if you just let it be and not let outside sources interfere or try to tell you what it is.

Soulmates won’t go away. Wherever you go, there they are, more than likely triggering you. Reminding you of how not in control of yourself, as you may wish to be.

All too often, LOVE brings up in many people, a FEAR. A fear of choosing wrong, a fear of it not working out. So instead of choosing to fall in love with love, and experience it as it comes, people go running, and screaming, the other way.  Then subconsciously carry the belief that love is hard. So they make love hard.

They try to put conditions on love, and determine how they receive it, and  from who.

When it comes to being the person who believes love to be hard, the other person in the relationship  may not know the belief the other carries, and won’t understand why loving that person is so hard. It’s their fear too that’s showing up. That’s how it manifested.  Both would have to break the cycle of FEAR and give in to the love.

Whether they do or don’t, they will always be connected in some energetic way.

Unexplored love due to fear… There goes a real love that will never be.  People have become VERY cautious of who they choose to mate with.  They want their lives to be peace and heaven on earth.

That’s quite understandable.  But are you showing up as that peace? 

Regardless, another soulmate will pop up. They always do. Maybe they will feel safe with that one, and this one will feel safe with them too. Because both will have prior found safety within themselves.

Relationships are such beautiful mirrors, if we allow them to be and discuss our feelings authentically. They show us how we are not fulfilling ourselves and placing our needs on others to be our end all and be all. No one can ever do that for you or feel the void. Even if they tried to fill up that expectation, they’d break their own heart.

I believe some soulmates we are meant to meet and experience, so that they can teach us lessons.  But we ultimately decide on our own when we are tired of lessons being learned from them.

Sometimes those lessons hurt too much. Sometimes those lessons keep reminding you to listen to your intuition.

Choose love, as long as love is choosing you and getting better.  When we don’t choose love, we deny our own truths.

Each soulmate is a chance to choose love again. It’s a chance to see their higher self. God sends you are variety of chances to choose love.  Those who choose love, choose you the same.  Here is the thing that maybe you missed. God gives us a few chances to get it right.  To choose the soul the he’s already chosen for you.

When that part really seeps in.  Your one true soulmate will appear.


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