When you get on a spiritual journey, I personally found that I experience things that no one can explain to me. Not only do I experience things, but I come to clarity in my abilities to see things beyond the eye. I’ve learned to follow the signs and to be more aware.

I’ve learned to truly follow my heart, allow it to lead me in gratitude, but to not make decisions solely based upon the way my heart feels. Yet still leaning deeply into the way my heart feels and allowing the experience to manifest what it will.

I recently came out of a state of numbness, where I felt nothing. What’s fascinating about these periods is that I make loads of money. That’s what made me tune in deeper….

This time I actually wanted to fight the numbness. I didn’t want it to take over me anymore. So I made a decision to TRULY, and deeply allow REAL LOVE in at it’s core. I accepted things and people as they are. I took note of their presentation and actions.

This brought me into of space of divine clarity. While I once thought there was something wrong with me when I experienced periods of emotional numbness, I now see that’s only the Universe protecting me and stopping me from pouring all of my love into things, people, concepts or perspectives.

Sometimes people who are love need a break from trying to give everyone love. Our bodies know exactly what we need and how to direct our attention.

Pouring massive amounts of love into myself for a week, without focusing on WHO I CAN SERVE, has caused a major shift in the atmosphere. I was able to truly look around me and see what and who is serving me. Some people were begging to serve me and I was even ignoring them. Some have showed up to serve me, without me even asking. I was even able to see who is no longer serving me.

I received a MAJOR offer on a life goal, that I wasn’t even looking for nor expecting. It came just like that, EFFORTLESSLY.

This journey of spirituality and self-love is one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever experienced. It’s given me great amounts of appreciation for myself.

Quite a few millionaires and billionaires this week asked me why I didn’t see myself the way they see me.

For a long time I didn’t know why or what my block was. Then today it finally hit me. My block was that I walked around as a servant. I’ve served the world and poured love into people day in and day out. It’s quite a natural thing for me to do. Lately I even tried to pretend that I was tired of it. But I wasn’t. Pouring love into people is naturally what I do. God gives me a full cup of love every morning.

When I pour love into people I magically get to watch their whole life change. I get to watch them fall in love with themselves again. I get to watch them accomplish extraordinary things.

Now that I’m pouring that love back into myself, I get to watch my manifestations pop up a lot faster.

I now see how when you raise your vibration, the people who are not for you will automatically begin to fall away.

I saw my own pattern of trying to save them, alert them, and get them to come with me, because I know my path. I see the vision. I know that people are better off with me. After all, I AM THE GODDESS OF LOVE & MOTIVATION. One of my new friends loves to call me THE GODDESS OF LOVE & LIGHT, lol. I don’t disagree with her.

I wake people up to the light. I am a Dream Activator. I light people up so quickly that they often don’t even know what hit them.

I’ve given my love to people without actually expecting anything in return. We are told to be selfless in that way. But that’s not the way the world actually works. Not even in God’s kingdom.

So today I return back to my Goddess throne. I’ve walked the earth and sprinkled lots of pixie dust. It’s my time now.

This is the journey that I’ve taken in order to feel worthy of what God already has for me. I hope that this blog helps you feel worthy a lot sooner, and with a lot less sacrifices. For real love is truly the love of SELF.

Self-Love is real love, until your divine match shows up. #KissySaid 

God Bless.