5 Tips A Man Can Use To Help His Woman Feel Special

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Brilliant women are often more aware than the average woman. They see things that they may not say anything about.  She’s came into a state of awareness on men.  Even when a man is beyond average, he’ll still have behavioral patterns and characteristics that show up in his dating life. She will silently pick up on these things and use them as SAFE reasons to not give her heart to you.

Dating can be tough in today’s market. Mostly because people are confused and extremely far away from love. Not many know what real love is anymore.  Then there are those who are filled with love and have the capacity to love you in ways far beyond your imagination or wildest dreams.

Those are the kind of mates a smart person wants.

As to men, the average man does not know what he wants in a woman. Even when he does, he often can’t seem to keep the woman who is the apple of his eye. Therefore he finds himself in a merry-go-round of the same basic women who are waiting to be picked by him. While in such a cycle, the man perceives himself as winning and at the top of his game.

Then there is you. The man who has no interest in the pick me’s. You are ready to do whatever it takes to win and keep the heart of the girl of your dreams.

The girl of your dream is a Goddess. You understand that she’s not like other creatures. In fact, if you mistake her for one, you will lose her. All of your hard work with go out the window.

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Here are 5 Tips, to Quickly reel in the woman of your dreams and develop a beautiful, life altering relationship. 

1. Pay her attention.

While most women go crazy when you ignore them, the problem with a Goddess is that the minute you ignore her, because you’re focused on the next woman or women, a God is stepping in to capture her heart and attention. Just because you have something in your eye, doesn’t mean the next man does.  As a God it’s important that you not be tempted with the devilish ways of this world. The devil will serve you a distraction on a silver platter. For most black men I find that distraction doesn’t even have to look too attractive. In fact he’ll serve it dirty, and for some reason, the average black man bites.  It’s quite fascinating watching it happen.   One time a long time ago, (I mean forever ago) I took this guy to the club with me.  Once there I allowed him to do his thing, as I knew he wasn’t crazy into me the way I was into him.

I believe in allowing men their freedom to do as they will. (Don’t ask me why I’m so chill and cool. Maybe cause I know my Dream Man won’t get so easily distracted.)  So anyway, he goes off and does his thing, or maybe I went to the ladies room.  Okay, I definitely went to the ladies room.  We were at a nightclub inside the Luxor Hotel on the strip. I think it was called “Ra” at the time.  Ra used to jump, with guests from all around the  world and they played the best hip hop music.  This was back when I was willing to hang out with regular guys and go to the club and stand around without a table or VIP service. (Thank You Jesus that I don’t do that anymore. VIP me baby! Bottles Only! If he can’t ball, he isn’t MY TYPE.)  So anyway, on the way back from the ladies room a man approaches me. He  asked if I would hang out with him.  I told him that I was there with someone and that I would be unable to.  He said “Queen. I’ve been watching you all night. Let me show you something. He walks me to a room in the club in the back.

There the guy I came with sat, surrounded by women and drinks.  The guy introduced himself and told me that he’d placed him there with the liquor and women to distract him, so that he would have an opportunity with me..  I asked him if he was good and he said “Yes.”  So the guy took me elsewhere in the club to a table, just me and him, and ordered me a bottle of PJ Rose, with strawberries and chocolate.  He told me the guy I came with wasn’t for me. He said that if I were his woman he’d never let me out of his sight. He told me all 10 women he’d placed around that guy, would never compare to one of me.  You think I would’ve woken up after that, but I didn’t. (I was loyal to the wrong people and the wrong things.)

I still continued to talk to the silly guy afterwards. After all we came together, and he was in town for the weekend staying with me. I liked that guy a lot. I ignored all of the signs and simply focused on my LOVE for him.  Not even being mad at the fact he wasn’t fully in love with me.  I’ve always understood love to be a choice and understood that not everyone is going to love you back, the same way you love them.   That’s why it’s important that when you actually find real love, you do what it takes to maintain it.

That was over 8 years ago. Now that guy who got knocked out of his chick and distracted like a simp, still follows me on social media. It’s no surprise that these days he suddenly thinks I’m a pretty dope woman, after years of him circling through women. It’s sad that women often have to leave men, and completely stop caring about them, before they finally see.

2. Recognize her value TODAY.

It’s really difficult to recognize a woman’s value women you’re not paying her attention, because you’re too busy being surrounded by fleshly temptation. These days it’s okay to bite the apple. Just make sure you bite the right one, because your entire life and livelihood is on the line.  Since I’ve let that guy I’ve created multiple millionaires in this world. All of my ex’s have made 6-7 Figures.  It’s interesting how in today’s society we are often told that a woman’s value is in her beauty alone, or in her willingness to be the maid of the house.  My  gift to any man I’m with goes beyond my mere beauty. I am literally a gift to him in every way.  I don’t stop being a gift, just because one man doesn’t recognize my value.

In fact, I keep getting better every day.   I am now the author of a best selling relationship series. One book for men and one for women.  I’m building an 8-Figure Consulting business, and I’ve healed, impacted and changed tens of thousands of lives all around the planet.  I’m quickly approaching 1 Million Social Media followers.  While I worked hard to get followers, I will proudly say that my core base came from my brain game, and not from me posting half-naked pics to get attention. Nor did I even have to associate myself with a celebrity. So that’s quite an accomplishment.  A Goddess CAN NOT choose a man who doesn’t recognize her value. Therefore she will not do the enticing things to keep you around. She doesn’t want the wrong man around.

3. Make love to her mind, not just her body.

A brilliant Goddess has to be mentally stimulated. Which means you must spend time speaking life into her.  This is also a form of foreplay that will have her lit up, wet, turned on and ready to passionately engage with you. This is the ultimate game that you were born for. That’s why you are so smart. It’s a fluid back and forth game of cat and mouse.  Your mind is the ultimate seduction, while your money is the sprinkles on the cake and the candles.

4. Spend money and buy her gifts.  

Men who don’t spend money and buy their woman gifts are incredibly whack. Period. Goddesses need luxury goods. Either buy them or move on so that the next man can step to her properly.  Goddesses are not much for you talking about WHAT you are going to do for her. She only takes note of the doing.  You should also go hard. It shouldn’t be a piece of cake for another man to step to her and offer her more. A man should literally have to go all out to even get a chance of day at your woman. Don’t make it easy for another man to snatch her up.

5. Marry Her –

Most men will take every woman out to fancy dinners. He’ll have sex with every woman. He’ll make love to every woman. He’ll do the same thing for one woman that he does for the next. He’ll be the same with each woman and get the same results he’s always got. To him just about every woman is the same.

But what he won’t do is marry every woman. That is how men separate. When they finally find the right woman, they change. Just like that.

Create a plan to marry her. The sooner you take her off the market, the faster your relationship will grow. Kill all of he doubt and get moving.  A man who finds a wife, finds what is good and he receives FAVOR from the Lord. This is really deep! Don’t fear marriage. Just find the right woman. It’s easier than you think when you’re able to marry a woman who actually loves both herself AND you. But the catch is that she needs to love you for who you are now, but also see you well beyond that. Which means, in order to be with her, you have to put down your little boy shoes and begin to play the role of God in her life.

What does a God do for his wife?

He does amazing things darling.  I know you’re ready to BECOME HER DREAM MAN.  Book a free strategy session with me to discuss just how ready you are to find the woman who will help you access YOUR NEXT LEVEL. Or you could keep listening to the male coaches on Youtube.  They have NO CLUE what a high value Goddess likes. That’s why they don’t have one. We’re elusive darling. But I’m in the circle and know EXACTLY what she wants, and what it takes to get her.