Peasants aren’t allowed to see the light of Gods & Goddesses

by | Love & Relationships

There is something special about Gods & Goddesses. People in the dark can not see them.  God does not allow just anyone to see his chosen people. 

I first noticed this phenomenon with myself.  I noticed that a lot of men can’t see me. Meanwhile, many others can. Those others are always spiritual.  Like the Facebook friend I showed my first published book to.  I told him it wasn’t ready for purchase and that I had to edit it to change the 1st page.  He bought it and said. “It doesn’t matter. I know who you are.” I talked to him on a video call once to discuss business. Afterwards he said “You are definitely a Goddess.” He’s spiritual and can clearly see me just as bright as day. 

The other day I was on the page of one of my favorite life coaches, and I read a comment on one of the posts that kind of hurt my feelings. I’m used to seeing people say mean things to me and bully me online. I’m even accustomed to people being blind to my light, but for the first time I saw it at work in another light workers life.

The comment was from a girl who also followed me. She was upset that the coach charged for her services. However, this is a special coach. She drops nuggets upon nuggets of gold, for free, on a daily basis. I’ve learned lots from working with her and reading her content.  Even if you don’t work with her, just following her will change your life. She feeds life and love into her followers. She is so sweet, kind, beautiful, giving and full of light. On top of being absolutely brilliant and super spiritual 7 Figure coach. 

I’m speaking of Katrina Ruth. I realized the hater couldn’t see Katrina’s light and wasn’t able to soak up the knowledge that Katrina freely gives out. Because the girl’s heart isn’t in the right place.  She was looking to see wrong in a beautiful soul. Therefore she remains blind to the light and the gift of the knowledge it gives. Yet the same girl was in my friend’s list. I immediately removed her. That was too much for me. Katrina is a Goddess. A real one. A God appointed one.  Besides that it’s never wise to get caught up in the messenger. It’s the MESSAGE the messenger delivers that is most important. 

Then I talk to this one guy and there is a person who was once in his life, and couldn’t see him.  To me, this man is powerful, brilliant AF, gifted, amazing, emotionally intelligent, super successful, walking in his purpose and so many other things. He’s a God. While I can see that plain as day, the other person can’t. 

I realize the people who can’t see our light, can’t see because they don’t want to see. They choose to see things their way. They choose to not question their own thoughts and go in search of the truth. 

In the bible it says “I am the way, the truth and the life.” ~ John 14:6

What I noticed about the Gods & Goddesses that I know is that they all seek the truth and are spiritual.  It’s encoded into their hearts to follow God. They are also encoded with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They are courageous, seek to continuously transform and become better people.  All so that they may help others. They are very selfless people. Yet, only certain people can truly see them. 

I’m so happy to be in this new realm with my tribe. It’s so beautiful the experiences that I have and the new things that I learn.  This dimension feels freeing. Like you can just be yourself.  There’s not a bunch of judging one another, but more or so learning about one another.  As you learn about one another, you learn more about yourself.  The consciousness of everyone involved, increases. You’re able to go more into your heart chakra.

My heart space is my safe place. It’s where I feel home. Vibrating with love is a very natural thing for me. I won’t share my deepest love with everyone, but I’ll definitely be love. 

So here is the lesson:

If people can’t see you and don’t appreciate you, simpy climb higher. Go higher. Raise your standards. That’s what the Universe is telling you. Even though your self-esteem may be high, you don’t quite value yourself enough. There’s more out there for you. Get around people who are reflection of your heart.  People will try to make you feel like you ain’t sh*t and the whole time you’ve been the and just weren’t around people who were able to see, value and appreciate you. 

When people aren’t dynamic themselves, they can’t see or recognize it in another. A person will never be what they can’t see. So when people recognize you it’s only a reflection of their own heart. 

If we understood this early on we would be quick to escape those who don’t love us. We wouldn’t try to sit around convincing them they deserve us or that they should want to be with us.  We definitely wouldn’t waste time thinking they are going to wake up and see the light, while they are with us.

Half the time we aren’t even aware that the world is filled with amazing people with beautiful hearts and minds; just like us. We don’t even expect people to feed our minds… But it’s a soul requirement to be equally yoked in mind and spirit.

We waste way too much time trying to be anything less than great, trying to humble ourselves, trying to fit in, and trying to be less. All so that we’ll be liked by people who can’t see us in the first place.

The insanity of it all. 

Find your tribe. They will love you for you. You’re special to them simply because you are. That is where you’re going to find the endless, unconditional love, that you seek.

Stay away from peasants who aren’t connected to soul. If God be with us, who can be against us?

Sidenote: You are not 100% off the hook. People not seeing you is also a reflection of you not fully seeing yourself. As in the greatness of who you were called to be.