Don’t panic when you first start your online business

by | The Journey

This week as I’m finally done with the last edits of my new book “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You – Becoming A High Value Woman & Attracting The Man Of Your Dreams” I finally feel that I can now give myself permission to move forward and stop living my past storyline. I feel like I can take up space again, and be present.

I think back to last year around this time the title popped in my head. I showed a friend at the time (we’re no longer friends) the quick cover that I’d made for the book. She immediately told me that it was a terrible title and that I shouldn’t be working on a book. She told me that I should instead work on my new life coaching business.

Meanwhile one of my preacher friends kept insisting that I write a book. I opted to work on my life coaching business. I got REALLY good at helping people. I even zoomed in on my tribe and received amazing reviews. I mastered sales and got really good at closing high ticket sales over messenger and on calls.  I accomplished A LOT.   I healed many of my money beliefs and self-worth issues. But still things weren’t right.  Still I had myself held up in my own cave, healing, studying, learning, giving love, but not being open to receiving love. I got into this obsessive work pattern.

I was totally overthinking things. I should’ve wrote the book a long time ago. The truth is, I never had to do all of the work that I was doing. It never had to be so hard. All I ever had to do was write. But my first life coach told me to leave blogging alone. She said I was better off focusing on my other gifts.  Even with me having 500,000 followers from BLOGGING, she didn’t realize that my greatest gift is writing.  Another coach after her, pointed my writing gift out to me. You see when people initially encounter me, they believe people follow me because I’m attractive.  It takes them a while to take note that my writing is powerful.  Sometimes I go back and read my own blogs and even I catch a shift. I didn’t realize writing was my gift, cause it’s something that I just do. It barely takes me any thought. It simply flows…. Meanwhile there I was trying to figure out how to get in the flow. 🤣 The things that happen to us, when we start looking outside of ourselves. But I’m not mad at myself. These are all things that I had to learn on the path. 

Ever since I quit my blog I had a hard time making decisions. Always in my head. Too afraid to choose wrong. Doubting myself and so many other things.  Today I finally decided no more of that. I’ll live life in the moment, do as I please, enjoy myself, and know that the Universe will work it to my best interest.

You see when you first start a new online business NO, it’s probably not going to take off fast the way you want it to. Even when you’re someone like me who is simply used to winning. But what you must understand is that even though it may not take off fast, doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. It doesn’t mean that it’s time to doubt yourself. Success is a process. And the Universe is definitely part of the process. The first part is throwing bones at you, to see how badly you really want it. It’s sooo easy to cave into the bones or take it as a sign that it’s not meant for you. But you shouldn’t, despite what the people around you may say. 

What you should do is either throw the bones back at the Universe or sweep them in a corner to be ignored. 

Like French Montana says ‘Don’t Panic,’  just keep going. Sh*t has to work out when you’re a called soul. There is no other option. You may as well laugh at yourself for thinking there was.