Meet Patrice Banks – Founder Of Auto Repair Shop That Lets Customers Get Their Hair & Nails Done While Waiting On Their Car

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Anytime someone tells you that you can’t do something YOU CAN.  Anytime you have a desire for something new that hasn’t been created in the market YOU CAN.

I absolutely abhor when someone says “Nothing new can be created, everything has been done already.” That thought process only comes from people not tapped into divine ideas. The only thing that’s constant is change. So obviously SOMETHING new must be created in order to nurture that change.

Like women dropping their car off at the shop, where they will literally charge you more money for being a girl, and being able to get your hair and nails done while you wait?

Can you imagine being able to drop your car off to be serviced, receive fair pricing, and get pampered while it’s being done?

Patrice Banks gave up her six-figure income occupation to start up the Girls Auto Clinic, an auto repair shop run by and for women. A woman can walk in and get her hair and nails done while they wait on their car to be serviced.

According to A Great Number Of Things, Patrice Banks  is smashing a conventional wisdom held for generations…that women can’t understand cars.

As we guys know, our women can be astoundingly forgiving sorts. We see it an awful lot with our leaders’ wives. We screw up regularly, and they not only put up with it, they’ll even show support for us in public.

But take advantage of a Philly girl one too many times, and one day she’ll open up an industrial-sized can of whoop-ass on you.

For example, imagine an entire industry neglecting a demographic worth $200 billion a year. That’s how much the fairer sex spends buying automobiles and repairing them. And yet in a 2013 RepairPal survey, two-thirds of them believed they were overcharged for repairs simply because they are women.

Patrice with her book, an easy, enjoyable read.
(photo courtesy of Patrice Banks)

Patrice Banks, owner of the Girls Auto Clinic and Clutch Beauty Salon in Upper Darby, knows the feeling. As a former “auto airhead”, she spent much of her adult life dreading—and sometimes dangerously postponing—trips to mechanics for oil changes and repairs. Like much of her gender since the dawn of automobiles, her lack of car knowledge caused her to zone out whenever a mechanic explained a repair. And yes, she has stories about being ripped off.

One day a wormhole opened. Banks suddenly decided to answer a simple question that no one had answered in over a century: Why are females so intimidated by the workings of an automobile?

Banks searched for a female mechanic in the area to help her explain automobiles…and came up empty. It was, she says, her “light bulb moment”. The well-paid engineer decided to become a mechanic herself.

She spent evenings earning an Automotive Technology diploma from Delaware Technical Community College. During that time, she offered to work as a mechanic for free…and was turned down at several shops, for reasons like “the boss’s wife won’t like it.” Once she became familiar with the not-so-complicated inner workings of automobiles, she opened her own shop.

Judging from the exposure she’s gotten since, including appearances on Fox & Friends, CBS This Morning, and O Magazine, it sounds like she’s onto something.

The salon right next door, for hair and nails while you wait.


Kissy's Thoughts

It’s the original idea for me.

Patrice also did the appropriate marketing required to make her BUSINESS successful.

One of the biggest problems in entrepreneurship with many first time entrepreneurs  is that you take your business to heart, in every way except in the marketing department.

I am writing Patrice’s story due to the marketing she’s already done.

Many clients come to me not feeling one way, and start  feeling worthy of being featured on the news and other venues. They clear up their worthiness issues that can show up in the words “not feeling ready”, “not there yet”, not successful enough yet,” and fear of the opinions of others.

Deciding to no longer play small and to go big is a journey.

When you move past comparison and focus on your own unique special gifts and talents, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

As you know, millions of people are waiting on you and need your divine services in order to change their life and get to their next level of happiness or greatness.

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