Stevie J. Insinuates That Faith Evans Left Him When He Was Down

by | Divorce

Sometimes with these reality tv stars you don’t know what’s real and what isn’t.  And often with men in general you can’t believe the kind of things or how many crazy things men do to women or in an alleged relationship with women.  They will turn almost any single, unaware woman’s life into a reality tv show.

Don’t act like you don’t know.

Stevie J who made some of the biggest musical hits of the 90’s, is one of those men. Steebie does not play fair in the game of love, but that doesn’t stop him from playing victim.

In the case of his most recent tweet, the producer is definitely in his feelings after begging his soon to be ex-wife for forgiveness.

Radar Online Reports: Court documents, state, “Faith, 49, has turned over her financial records to Stevie, 50, including a list of her assets and debts. The move is a necessary step before a divorce can be finalized.”

Evans going forward with their divorce may come as a surprise to some fans because Stevie had just shared a sweet message on his Instagram page, professing his love for his wife as they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary.

Stevie J also publicly apologized to his estranged wife in May on Mother’s Day for all the pain he caused her throughout their relationship.

He wrote, “I’ve hurt you, disrespected you and humiliated you in front of the world. From this day forward I promise to listen to your feelings and be more delicate with your heart.”

The two have made headlines for both ups and downs they’ve faced together.

Stevie J shocked fans once he filed for divorce first in November 2021, for “irreconcilable differences” after three years of marriage.

In 2020, Evans was arrested for allegedly attacking her husband. TMZ reported, “We’re told Faith and Stevie got into a heated argument, and at some point, it turned violent. Our sources say when cops showed up they noticed visible marks and scratches to Stevie’s face.”

Today, Steebie tweeted that he felt used.

I am quite sure, Faith left when she was TIRED.

One thing for certain, if you can’t be used, you are useless, is a quote Kanye West once said. In the case of Stevie J and the women in his life, they have all equally used each other to create dramatic, eye catching television storylines that the fans fall in love with.

There’s just this whole thing of faking love for tv or anything else. (No. I am not saying they faked their relationship.) A relationship is  a relationship and without love it will fall apart. Even with love, it may still fall apart if it’s unaligned. The point being LOVE is always a risk.

Hopefully both parties learned something from this union.

Celebrity or non celebrity relationship,  toxicity is real. Every celebrity, wealthy person, entrepreneur, CEO, Executive and those who desire massive success should consult with a relationship coach and spiritual healer. Until one clears their soul patterns they will continue to attract toxic or unaligned relationships.

We wish Stevie J and Faith blessings on their soul’s journey.

A special prayer for the Goddess Faith Evans, who may have forgot WHO she is, and is on her journey of remembrance. Through life experiences we are often humbled and must be reminded of our identity and called to rise again. Before we come to this earth we forget who we are, and come to earth to remember.  Some people remember more areas than others in certain areas.

An example is some people have a 9-5 but were called to be a business owner. Other people are called to be an employee or a housewife, yet they are busy trying to build businesses.  Some people were called to be a celebrity, but they are uncomfortable hiding and being unseen.

Without remembering who she is, her standards and her boundaries, a woman could find herself not receiving the love she needs to give herself, and thereforeby attracting men who don’t give her adequate love. When a woman doesn’t know that she was created to be loved, she may attract a man who also doesn’t know. Thus having a toxic relationship that will never work.

Love is required for anything to grow and get better. It’s like water. Love, water and sun are needed to blossom and prosper anything  planted. How are you going to grow deeper in love with one another, if you hate each other?

Sooo, if real love isn’t involved in your relationship or the intention of it, then make your business together CLEAR and stay out of your feelings. The thing is, 9/10 those feelings will come. Only you will be in denial, cause you didn’t keep it real with yourself, about your desire for love.

It’s cool to say I want Real Love, Money, AND Fame. After all isn’t that what being a famous celebrity is all about?

You are worthy of having the exact life you came here for.