Ashanti Says Irv Gotti Is Extremely Delusional “We Were Not In A Relationship”

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Finally.  After months of being silent and watching her ex boss Irv Gotti tell all of her business, Ashanti has finally spoken out to tell her side of the story.

The legendary R & B songstress appeared on Angie Martinez’s IRL Podcast, verbalizing her disgust with Irv’s choice to drag her name through the mud, in order to promote his recently aired documentary.

Despite being Irv’s main promotion topic, Ashanti actually wasn’t part of the documentary. When asked why she wasn’t a part of the Murder, Inc. documentary, Ashanti kept it real.

“I think the world can see why,” she laughed. “For the record, I love Murder, Inc. I’m cool with everyone, it’s all love.”

“It’s very unfortunate how Irv decided to handle his documentary. It’s a little sad to see a grown man conduct himself in that manner. I feel like the Murder, Inc. legacy is so much bigger,” she said. “The way he handled it tarnished and cheapened the brand…that’s so selfish and so degrading.”

“I accepted a long time ago that’s the person that he is,” she said of her lack of surprise about his behavior. “I feel like Irv is mentally not in a good place.”

The star believes that the former Hip-Hop heavy hitter was intentionally trying to ruin her by revealing intimate details and personal anecdotes about their extramarital affair that occurred twenty years ago.

“When you come to a realization that you no longer can manipulate or control someone you let go. You just vomit. It looks nasty, it smells nasty. And that’s a reflection of the person that you are,” Ashanti said of his recent comments. “He’s clearly in pain, and I see a lot of feminine qualities.”

Ashanti detailed years of threats, manipulation, lies, and abuse of power.

Ashanti says that after Gotti found out she was dating Nelly, Irv was salty and wouldn’t let her come to the studio to record. “Nah. You want to be with Nelly, go sign with Dirty Ent. We don’t want you, Ashanti recalled.”

Essence reports: Detailing years of manipulation and verbal abuse, the songstress indicated that Gotti had overblown and extrapolated much of the nature of their dealings together in his mind and became upset when he came to the realization that things were not quite what he believed they were between them. She also revealed she has no recollection of some of the explicit details Irv shared on his now infamous Drink Champs interview.

“Irv has flat-out lied about a lot of things. And the crazy thing is, when we were in a good space, a positive space – pillow talk is a dangerous thing. There are so many things that I know. [But] I don’t have the desire to expose certain things. I operate at a different vibration than him. I don’t play in the mud.”

The songstress says she indeed had a genuine love for the Murder, Inc. mogul due to the impact he had on her career and the good times she had writing, recording, and traveling the world. But, she denies there being a grand love affair between the two as Gotti describes.

“We dealt with each other, but was Irv my boyfriend, and was I his girlfriend? Never.”

She admits that at the time she and Irv’s relationship moved beyond the professional into the personal, she was led to believe that he was legally separated and was inclined not to question it since he lived separate from his wife and children and had many many girlfriends at the time.

She also reveals that she felt “a lot of pressure” to continue to deal with her boss once she had second thoughts about their relationship, thinking that perhaps it may impact her career negatively.

“If I say [no]…does that mean we’re not going to record?”

Ashanti says Irv even told her stylist that if she phucked with Ashanti, he was done with her. 

Throughout the interview, Ashanti detailed years of repeated harassment, gaslighting, manipulation, and verbal abuse she received at the hands of Irv Gotti. She says this culminated in threats of violence and even death threats as she began to solidify her independence and get into a relationship with rapper Nelly.

“I believe he wishes death on me to this day,” Ashanti revealed. “I’m my heart I feel like Irv is just hurt, and he doesn’t know where to place his hurt, and he doesn’t know how to channel it as a man. And it’s very sad.”

Ashanti said Irv told her nobody wanted to work with her, that men only wanted her because he made her and so many other narcissistic comments.  Her way out was to finally build a team that was on her side, like getting a new accountant so that Irv no longer had control over her.

Watch the full interview HERE.

So glad that she mentioned the word feminine. I noticed men gossip more than women do. It’s extremely feminine. Meanwhile most respectable women keep intimate details about their relationships to themselves.  They never even tell the man’s business after a break-up.

I also agree that there was a much better way to promote the Murder Inc documentary. If not for him speaking on Ashanti the way he did, I may have watched it.  But I am LIGHT and high vibration. Chances are, most people logged on to watch BECAUSE he spoke intimately about Ashanti.