One third of women go on dates for the free food, study says

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HOUSTON (FOX 26) – A new study shows as many as one third of heterosexual women only date guys because of the free food! Two new studies show a portion of women admit to making so-called “foodie calls” when money is tight. 23 percent of women admitted to dating for free meals. In a second study, 33 percent of women admitted to it. Researchers say the women admitted they were not interested in the guys, just the free food.

This is nothing new. It’s very true. But here is why women do it. Women want romance and they want a man who will spoil them. Most men won’t spoil her, so she has no desire to go out on dates with most men. But she will go in order to get out the house, be around masculine energy and be treated like a lady.

What no one realizes is this epidemic is caused by men playing games or not knowing what they want. She  knows that half the time the man isn’t looking for love. He’s simply seeking free sex, to play games, to date 10 women at a time, to not take her serious and totally waste her time. So women have very little expectations, and go out just to go out and get dressed nice. The lower a woman lowers her expectations, the less attractive average men become to her.  Because her heart still wants what it wants.

Plus Neko is right.

On the other hand you have women like me who will turn down dates left and right, because I’d rather buy my own food than to hang out with a random man who doesn’t know what he wants. 

That way when I do go out on dates it’s with a gentleman who appears to know what he wants and appreciates my time, presence and energy. Therefore I’m able to appreciate his time also.