We need to talk about the way MOST black men treat black women

by | Confidence & Self-Love

I saw this post written about B. Simone and it broke my heart. I don’t know this woman, but I salute her success and willingness to chase her dreams AND make REAL boss chick moves.

This woman made a million dollars in her business cause she used the Wildin Out platform to gain ATTENTION. She then started a business with that attention. People will buy ANYTHING from someone on tv. SMART people know that.

But look how he’s talking to her. What he’s saying to her, is the reason she likes entrepreneurs. 9-5 men most times don’t understand real boss chicks. They can’t deal with our assertiveness, confidence, security or work schedule. They drag strong women down, and that’s just the truth.

Anyway, THIS is how most black women have been talked to by men their ENTIRE lives. People don’t seem to understand what the black woman deals with.

He doesn’t even credit the woman for getting on tv. Like come on now. That’s a major feat. No matter how hard the black woman works, she often gets no credit, told she’s not all that, and that she should settle for less.  The truth is if a black woman waited on a black man’s permission to feel good about herself, that day most likely would never come.

Black women often get screamed at by the average black man anytime she tries to have standards or institutes boundaries.  The other day, a  client told me that she told a man to stop calling her at night, and to call her in the daytime at more appropriate hours. He went off on her, told her that she wasn’t all that, and that no one would want her because she has kids.

Unenlightened black men often expect black women to have zero value, and bend over backwards for them.  It’s crazy how the average black man sees black women.

It’s the same story that plays out over and over again, decade after decade.

Simone  is FAR from a nobody. She has TONS of followers. Most black influencers be on her jock once she said she cracked a million.  I am so tired of black people trying to drag each other down. How can you not respect her?

Oh, and what would the world be if a black woman wasn’t constantly told to HUMBLE herself. Then ya’ll wonder how so many black women end up in bad relationships and why the smart ones opt to simply stay single.

Anyway, PROMOTION is the name of the game. When people talk about you, people buy.  Yet, you can’t even expect loyalty from your consumers when the drag is in.

Now, because of this, you can be quiet and hope everyone will like you, or you can be like B. Simone and simply BE yourself, and still get paid.

Anyway,  back at the yard, while B. Simone is getting attention and mastering traffic that’s consistently bringing SALES and NEW CLIENTS into her BUSINESS:

AND that’s why boss chicks and 9-5ers don’t get along. You can not disrespect a woman that’s pulling boss moves all up and down these marketing internet streets, while you clock into work for another man.

She’s a woman, yet STILL not working for no man. Yes, you gotta be a different kind of man and LEVEL UP to catch up to her MINDSET.

HOW is a boss woman to respect a 9-5 man who disrespects her and has no proper valuation of her business acumen?

This is literally insight of the a major of the relationships between boss chicks and the black men they date.   They want respect from her, while having not an ounce of respect for her business hustle and acumen.

Why does he want to see that woman down?

Regardless of what may loudly catch our attention, there are lots of good, amazing, fabulous, black men in this world. I meet lots of them, and understand what they are looking for from a woman.

If a woman is to attract a high value man who believes in her, wants her to win, AND treats her like a Queen, then she has to raise her standards, her value, and her frequency.  Cause those kind of men want a woman to be healed, and unfortunately the average black man has broken most of the women he’s dated.

Most black women need MASSIVE amounts of healing.

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P.S. Let’s not forget that we are in the middle of the largest civil rights movement in the country. Black Lives Matter is everywhere.   So many people want the black man to be protected, while many black men hurt black women EVERY chance they get. This has to stop.