Only women, children and dogs and loved unconditionally. A man is only loved on on condition that he provides.

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Saw a few men share this, and felt like someone had to speak up.
This is TOTALLY not true, especially not for black women or heart-centered women.
Many a man has been loved without condition. However most men can’t appreciate that kind of love, because a man needs to PERFORM.
He needs a woman whose feminine essence motivates him to get out into the world and make things happen.

He desires EXPANSION.

Many a woman will say that she has loved a man unconditionally, but if she really thinks about it, he never asked to be loved in such a raw, authentic way.

Healthy Eyes And Vision. Portrait Of Beautiful Happy Woman Holding Heart Shaped Hands Near Eyes. Closeup Of Smiling Girl With Healthy Skin Showing Love Sign. Eyecare. 

THAT is the kind of love that only so few experience in this lifetime. It’s called Sacred Union.

The only kind of man who will have gratitude for being loved without conditions, is a man who sets the condition on himself that he provides. Such a man feels worthy of divine love, and to be loved for who his soul is, not for what he does.

Finding your soulmate is one of the most important part of your soul’s mission.  However many give up on that dream after a few failed tries.

When a man is with the right woman, he will lay his life on the line for hers. Surely he will also provide for his Queen all of the days of his life.  All he needs in return is motivation, inspiration, gratitude, satisfaction, and a tight black dress with some high heels on.

This is when sex becomes magic performed in the higher mystical spiritual realms. Most people think sex is a bodily thing, but in scared union, it happens before one even touches the body. The act itself is simply consumption of your irresistible desire for one another that far surpasses the desires of lust.

When you release conditions and focus on the fullness of the experience you experience a powerful form of soulmate love that manifests rapid wealth and manifestations of your true hearts desires.
Craving your lover’s mind, deeper than body, is the ultimate form of love.  Men often want a woman to drop to her knees and serve him, and the truth is, he has to be a true King that evokes the desire in her.  They both must have a desire to massively please one another.  Sacred Love isn’t about being selfish. It’s about being selfless and doing the work of not settling for less. When you settle for less you are not only gipping yourself, but you are gipping your soulmate.
What men and women actually need from one another is to embody their divine roles. Every God needs a Goddess. Every Goddess needs a God. ENERGY is what you need in order to win in life.  The material things are simply a way to say thank you.  That’s why God wants you to have the best of the best.  Because you are the best of the best.
Your presence here on earth changes the world.