Men want women to be held ACCOUNTABLE. But the minute you say GOOD MEN PAY BILLS, they get mad

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In today’s society, many men are experts in business. But complete failures in relationships.

A man is a failure in a relationship for 3 reasons.

1. He doesn’t listen to women

2. He doesn’t know what women want

3. He’s selfish

4. He thinks he is the prize while failing to value women

5. He doesn’t pay bills

I’ve personally only met one man in my life who knew he wasn’t sh*t, and was willing to admit to it.  I’ve seen one other man admit to his woman that he wasn’t sh*t.  Some men are willing to admit that aren’t about loyalty and love when it comes to a woman.

But most men believe themselves to be not just a good man, but a GREAT MAN.

Their reasons for believing themselves to be a great man, usually involves around the fact that they make money, or that they will take a woman out to eat sometimes.

Maybe he’ll even toss her a small nugget of knowledge.

That’s basically what makes men feel like they are a good man.

But a good man actually understands he emotional needs of his woman and her desire to be loved. That’s the basis of a good man.

Most women have a deeply embedded desire to be with a strong, powerful, masculine man who leads and provides.  But because the average in society tends to be the loudest, most women will ignore this desire and take whatever man she can get, as long as he is nice to her.

This is how many boss chicks end up in toxic relationships.  She wants WEALTH. Which is why she’s a boss chick. Yet the minute she starts making money, she goes to get a man who is not wealth-minded and has no intentions to provide for her. She’ll happily be strong and do it all on her own, while laying down and opening up her legs for this man, who believes himself to be a good man.

Yet, he knows he doesn’t give his woman any money.

And when the relationship fails, and he finds himself being disrespected, taken for granted, treated like a simp, getting cheated on, and a woman no longer excited to be around him, he will blame her and say that women won’t take self-accountability if she fails to apologize to him.

Sometimes women get tired of a man constantly expecting him to BE HIS ALL and DO for him. Sometimes a woman simply wants a King who will cater to her. That actually FEELS better to her.  But getting a man who will do that, often takes some work on her femininity. Women who brag that they pay their own bills, chances are most times, can’t get a man to pay her bills.

To each it’s own. But this post is all about your soul’s truth.  When you deny your soul’s truth of wanting a man who provides for you and allows you to live the life of your dreams with him, you’ll often find yourself in a toxic relationship. Or you’ll die early from exhaustion and over-working yourself.

We as society talk too much about bad men, and not enough about good men.   Good men pay bills. Period.

So until a man is paying the bills of the woman he calls himself romancing, then he can’t complain about what goes wrong in the relationship. The scales are off.

Your soul can’t really grow in a relationship, until the scales begin to be balanced. As a woman with a provider man is forced to hone in on her femininity and find ways to honor her man that don’t involve her buying him gifts, or doing maid service. She needs to learn how to honor is soul, blow his mind sexually, feed his fantasies, respect him and seduce him in every way.

Bad women know this and will seduce a man to his doom. Good women on the other hand will seduce a man into building one of the greatest legacies on the planet.

Like I said, most good women, want a man to pay bills and treat her like a Princess/Queen…. And some women are Goddesses. A Goddess is a very beautiful woman who has a inner light that shines. Her conversation is healing. Her presence is uplifting.  Such a woman must be given tributes and devotion. Rather she knows she’s a Goddess or not, things won’t work out for her until she realizes it and honors who God calls her to be.

A man who does not serve a Goddess, does a disservice to himself. The gift is in her. SHE is the gift.  She is a manifestation portal.

Through myself I’ve noticed some Gods & Kings see this in me, and feed into me. In return they prosper. But I noticed that most men simply aren’t as smart as them.  Another man would not honor my Goddess throne, and sit there complaining about me, saying I’m the worst person in the world. When the truth is I did nothing to him but support his dreams and goals. He would’ve wanted more from me, but couldn’t access it, simply because he didn’t honor me by paying me tributes.

This is so real. But most people simply don’t get it.

If you are a wise man, I would advise you to find yourself a Goddess and put her on a monthly payment plan. Watch your life prosper. THAT is why God tells men to find a Proverbs 31 Wife.  He’s telling men how to get your blessing.

A proverbs 31 wife is a boss chick. She’s a boss, because she has HEART to go after what she wants.  But many Gods fall in love with mortal women, who aren’t bosses. Or they try to turn her into a boss.  Which is why they end up taking a loss.

The tongue of a true Proverbs 31 woman is anointed. She’s given great vision, to help her husband have PROVISION. But how many men LISTEN.