Most Relationship Problems Can Be Solved With Sex, Money, or Listening with Compassion

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People these days have so many unnecessary relationship problems.   When you get into an argument with your spouse, the root of the problem is rarely ever discussed, or looked into.

For men, when they get upset about something, most likely it’s grounded in him feeling DISRESPECTED.

When women get upset about something in the relationship, most times it’s due to her not feeling LOVED.

But when the people in the relationship, fail to listen to each other with the desire to UNDERSTAND, the problems won’t get solved.

You can’t solve problems from the same emotional space that caused them. Problems must be solved from the logical place of the solution.

🌸 Women must feel love, and appreciation.

🌑 Men must feel respect and appreciation.

💪 Men feel appreciated when they feel RESPECTED.

🙂 Women feel appreciated when they feel LOVED.

A man shows a woman that she is appreciated by SPEAKING HER LOVE LANGUAGE. Most women’s love language is GIFTS.  She loves RECEIVING money from him. When she dates a man whose love language is also gifts, she may clash with him, if he doesn’t lead in the gift giving. Most masculine men do not require gifts.

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In return she shows a man she appreciates him by RESPECTING him and verbally speaking into him. Then he feels APPRECIATED and does more for her.

SEX is how the couple stays intimately and closely connected. Arguments without make-up sex are just WHACK! Withholding intimacy from your husband will push him away from you.

LISTEN to your mate with compassion to see what they’re really complaining about. Remember they are not just your mate. They are a unique soul, having a human experience. 

It’s really simple. This is the basis of all relationships.

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Good men and women play the game of love at a different level. One is a master of giving and the other is a master at receiving. If the masculine and feminine energies are imbalanced, it throws everything off.

You have to love your mate enough to desire to UNDERSTAND them and cater to their NEEDS.
Both men and women have NEEDS that MUST be met in order to maintain a healthy, happy, productive, goal-oriented, loving relationship. ❤️

If you want your relationship to work, try CARING more.