Men need to realize that SMART women DO NOT let go of good men

by | Love & Relationships

“Men do not realize that WOMEN DO NOT LET GO OF GOOD MEN. Men will let a good woman SLIP AWAY.

They don’t even realize how we intentionally start sending them off, letting them get distracted. 🤣

You men are CRAZY if you haven’t worked with me to KEEP a Goddess. 👁

Men be so LOST and don’t even know it. Y’all think it’s just the women though.”

Ever been DUMPED? Did her life IMPROVE after you? Did you turn around and years later, she’s sitting on top of the world?

She dumped you because you weren’t good enough. She knew she couldn’t get there WITH YOU.

Some men try to entertain full on GODDESSES with clown behavior. 👀

Often times men THINK they are a good man. There are LEVELS to this sh*t.

Haven’t you ever watched the movies? Did you notice that the KING always PLEASES the Queen?

Every KING needs a QUEEN to LOVE.  As humans we all needed something to love.  Michael Jackson loved kids, because through them, he was able to get his childhood back. He was able to love his life, outside of the castle he’d built, that he really didn’t want to live in anymore.

SIDENOTE: Every God & Goddess who is called to sacred union has already met in another lifetime before. They know one another. They SEE.