Dear Black Men: Married Men Make More Money Than Single Men

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First I would like to tell you that your money and your heart are strongly interconnected.  Money is an energy that flows from the heart.   So, if your heart isn’t healed your money flow may be sealed.  Learning this fact changed everything for me.  I began to think with an abundant mindset.

As a black woman when I happened across a particular statement while suffer the net the other day, it set me to thinking a bit deeper

The statement read:

“Single black women over 60 with a college degree have only $11,000 in wealth, while single white women with a college degree have $384,400.”

The first step to healing is admitting we have a problem.

In the article, ascertain was given based upon familial/generational wealth being passed down inside the family, but that’s not where I’m going with this. Everyone really does have a chance at becoming a millionaire, so lets just stick with that fact.

My focus here is the reason why so many beautiful, successful black women are single or unmarried. If you do a google search most likely an article will come up and say it’s because of their attitudes and not being submissive enough. But having consoled submissive black women who were screwed over, I see a hidden truth, that the mass isn’t aware of.

Now, it’s true that no one is perfect and everyone could benefit from a little self-development, but the issues between black women and black men are so much deeper that what is seen on the surface.

A hidden truth is the average black man does not value the sanctity of marriage, nor does he know what a good woman is because he didn’t have a good father to teach him.  Black men are often taught to  sow their wild oats and run through women in their 20’s. They are taught to have multiple women and live chaotic lives, with very little focus on financial literacy.  Popular rap videos showing scantily clad women and lyrics boasting a new chick every day of the week, add to keeping the culture lost and confused. The title baby mama is way more prevalent in the black community than the title of wife.  So much that married black women online will often tease other black women for being single.  While any woman can get married tomorrow if she wanted to, the problem is that successful black women refuse to marry into the baggage and chaos.

Now that he’s matured and done it all rapper Jay-Z speaks out on cheating and is showing attempts to undo some of his former teachings when it comes to how to value a woman. His new thing is telling men to avoid messing around and risk losing their Beyonce.  I don’t know how many caught the message. As many brothers are still online preaching  misogny, open-relationships and polygamy. Things that take very little effort to pull off.

NEW ORLEANS, LA – FEBRUARY 19: Jay Z, Blue Ivy Carter and Beyonce Knowles attend the 66th NBA All-Star Game at Smoothie King Center on February 19, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Meanwhile white men show a history of getting married and building legacies that create wealth.

Take race out and here is a simple fact. Married men earn more money than single men.

While Ray-Ray is off on the hunt for his third baby mama, he has no clue that he’s missing out on at least $80,0000 per year by staying single. Ray, Ray can’t even picture himself making $80,000 a year, but Mr. Playa, I graduated from college and have a good job can. He’s missing out on $80K a year plus calculate the money he spends on dates with women he will soon part from.  It’s all good though, cause he received sex out of the situation. It’s now on to the next conquest. 

The wages of married men far surpass those of all of groups. They exceed $80,000 per year by their peak earning years, while all the other groups barely graze $50,000 per year, according to data from the University of Minnesota and IPUMS-USA, a database of individual responses from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Many couples go 50/50 these days, just to end in disaster.  Research shows that married heterosexual couples seem to be more comfortable when a husband earns more than his wife.

While it’s not a proven fact, sexism can play a role in the higher wages of married men. Research shows that male hiring managers may be more likely to pay men more, and if they’re older, they too may be married and believe that a man who has a wife and family may deserve more money.

The Washington Post suggests a couple reasons why marriage is a financial benefit for men, regardless of color lines.

  1. Married men assume a new identity: This theory explains that the added weight of family responsibility may help position men in a different social standing.
  2. Research also suggests that married men are more likely to go after high-paying jobs than single men.
  3. Findings also suggest that men receive beneficial advice from their wives that add to their careers.
  4. There is also research that indicates employers give hiring preference to married men.

This research is not surprising.  Even the bible says ‘When a man finds a wife, he finds what is good. He receives favor from the Lord.  

A married man is a blessed man.

Here is why:

  1. Women have a great deal of knowledge and wisdom in them. Single men are taught to be egocentric and ignore the advice of women. However married men can’t deny the immense amount of knowledge given to them by their wife and the financial benefits their business/careers reap, which allow him in return to be able to provide for his family.
  2.  It is not natural for a man to be with one woman. He has an innate desire to explore and spread his seeds. So the unknowing ones spread their seeds as thin as possible.  They are focused on sex and quantity of quality.  Meanwhile the mature, progressive man follows Gods words. He learns to put away his childish desires. He learns to fight, and spend time with one woman. His personal development explodes through a growth due to experiences that he can only acquire by committing to one woman for a great length of time.  A man will learn more by committing himself to one good woman for 5 years, than he will ever learn from focusing on multiple women over a 5-year-period.  In fact you may notice that men who are over 35 and constantly chasing sex, tend to not be as mentally developed as they should be.Their finances are often relative to a 22-year-old boy.  For one can not grow, if their knowledge base and value system doesn’t know grow and change throughout the years.

A 35-year-old man who has been married and comes home to a family every day, statically has  acquired more wealth than that of a 50-year-old player. It doesn’t take a great deal of research to focus in on the why. But the biggest why is that God rewards him for fighting past his carnal urges. Just like we have to fight against bad habits, we have to fight against some of our carnal desires that feel so natural.

On the other hand beautiful, highly intelligent, successful, loving, single women are trotting off to exotic islands by themselves or with female friends, knowing that’s not the way they planned their life. But they refuse to let a man get in the way of their dreams and goals so they settle for a single vacation.  These women could easily capture the heart of just about any man, but their heart will only fully love and submit to the heart of a man with plans who values her. 

While single-life vacation photos on social media look really fun, lets just admit that taking that same trip with a partner would be so much more fun.  Think about all of the fun vacations you had. Now tell me the most memorable ones aren’t the ones where you had love by your side… Seeing new places with the one you loves makes the experience quite transcending.  Peace and the love can’t be purchased. In fact it’s priceless.  Everyone should feel love & peace. It’s what life is all about. 

Boss chicks know the clock is ticking, but they’ve accepted the thought that they just may be single forever.  She has her  own money, and can do whatever she wants. However what she doesn’t realize is that she needs to invest in finding out exactly why she hasn’t been able to attract the mate of her dreams.  

I know she’s either not dating or she constantly goes out on dates with men who she already knows is more than likely a waste of her time, but she tries anyway… She thinks well maybe people are right. Maybe she wants too much.  She’s starting to think that maybe her standards are too high. How many more men are you going to deal with, that don’t quite measure up? 

Meanwhile, I’m speaking with males who are good men, and I’m healing their hearts of all the darkness that has befallen them, from being in relationships with women who don’t love, value, appreciate, or respect them. Many a man is actually a good man. He provides, he uplifts her and even teaches her how to start her own business so that she can shine. He tells her she’s beautiful. He’s willing to take care of her children from a former relationship. He’s in the gym, he goes to church, and wants to do what’s right in life. Yet he’s stuck in a relationship with a woman who still doesn’t see him. He can’t even get the emotional support he needs an entrepreneur.

Amazing people who do amazing things, deserve a good mate.  You all are out there lost, looking for a better way and giving up hope.

While this lifelong problem has persisted for many, the good news is that there is a fix, a plan to find the right one, and increase your finances in the process.

As a spiritual relationship coach who teaches abundance in love and finances, I have a secret to share with you.  Theres’s simply a few important keys that are missing in your knowledge bank. You can get the mate your heart truly desires.

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