Have you ever tried to turn a clown into a King?

by | Love & Relationships

Some good, financially secure men complain about never meeting a good woman. They go through a showcase of women who fail to appreciate the wonderful man that he is.

Other men who aren’t as successful, manages to meet what he perceives to be good women, because he’s aggressive. These “good women” don’t hold him accountable to anything other than laying the pipe a few times a week. He gets bored with that, so he keeps searching for something.

Then he finds a good woman who realizes his life may not be up to par, because he’s dealt with a succession of women who’ve put no demands on him. Without demands on a person, that will not grow.

So she starts weaving a basket in his mind, teaching him how to succeed, she’s helping financially, she’s not putting any burdens on him. she’s mothering him, as his mother did. She’s giving him the missing pieces.

What’s she’s doing is such a loving sacrificial act that’s going to backfire on her, and she has no idea why. For he sees all the help and love she’s pouring into him as some sort of competition. If he wanted to do as well in life as she is, he would be there already.

Those pressures cause the man-child to cave. He becomes resentful and starts snatching things from her down to a tube of toothpaste. Whatever she has he wants to take it away from her. Because he’s angry. He can’t receive that kind of love. The only love he knows is acceptance of who he is at the current moment. He sees no better version of himself.

For the man-child has no understanding of vision, because he’s no equipped with any plans.