Marriage is a business, but not the kind you think

by | Love & Money

People say marriage is a business and it’s true. But not the way they think. It’s spiritual business that benefits both parties who are in love.

Society is so confused.  They love to marry for the sake of profit, or for the sake of what others will think of them. You shouldn’t marry people for anything other than love and simply because you want to be together.

You know how many people have successful businesses and still aren’t happy, and feel emptiness inside?

You can have a business together, but that shouldn’t be the reason for the marriage.  You can do business without getting married. 

MONEY is not the answer….It’s also a natural product of abundance…

You don’t marry a person simply because you have kids with them. The truth is if you didn’t want to get married, you could’ve saved the kids from a broken home in the first place. No point of staying together just so they can watch you lie, pretend, fake it and be yet another couple who teaches kids to settle for less than what truly makes them happy.

If it’s not going to make you happy, don’t do it. The fact that so many people believe love to be unreal, a fallacy, and blah, blah, blah, is the reason why many have yet to experience any form of deep love. Nope, you won’t find it, if you just jump at anyone cause “it will do, and you seem to get along pretty well.”

Of course there’s a high chance you are going to be unhappy if you marry for less than love. It’s love that keeps you moving forward, growing in soul. If you’re only together for the sake of making money or paying bills, then your soul is not growing.  Your soul can not prosper if you don’t attend to it. I mean yes, you’ll make material money, but you won’t ascend. Enlightenment is the way to go. 

You gotta heal your wounds, your old limiting beliefs and the fears, and misinformation holding you hostage. You must open your heart, realign your soul and energetically connect to your tribe.  You won’t find real love until you meet your tribe. It’s encoded in them to love you, well before you meet them. Because they love you at the soul level.  They love mostly everything about you. It’s not a prove yourself type of thing. It’s a “lets do this thing.”

Because you fear, you’re willing to settle for less, then put in half the effort, wondering why you don’t receive the full joy of marriage, and instead you’ll say “Well that couple just looks happy, they are not, everyone has problems.” However i assure you that not everyone has the problem of unhappiness. Some people actually have love and abundance.

But you only get it when you heal, vibrate high and go for what you want. Money is easy. Real love is something you have to work for.  The work is in maintaining the connection.