Why do black men want reparations from black women?

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Black men want reparations for the women who did them wrong.

But they want reparations from healed, high value women, who remind him of his mother, and wanting to climb back into her womb, to be taken care of and provided for, with a titty with a big nipple for dessert.

They wanna cry without fillng his role as divine masculine.

He  wants to get with a high value woman or a badd chick and take out his frustrations on her. The frustrations he developed from dealing with a basic  chick who said nice words, but showed continuous actions of not caring about him. He wants reparations for missing obvious signs. 

On the other hand you have somewhat good men who feel that women are now seeking reparations from dealing with crappy men.

That’s true.  Most of those women become gold diggers and receiver. But the reparations spiritual women wanted, they had to go within themselves to get. No man was going to fix that wound. She knows she has to fix herself. She knows her problems emanate from within. After so many times, a person must look at themselves as the common denominator. 

So she learned her lessons, healed herself, and learned how to treat a good man, and the actual definition of what one is. She deemed she is worthy and that her cup now overfloweth in love. She knows good men actually are in abundance, now that she’s worked on her inner issues. She knows her place in divine feminine, and now only has room for a King.

But not every potential good man wants to be a King, because some are okay with being 50/50 and wounded masculine. They don’t want to get in position. Therefore a good woman actually can not choose him. She can’t work with a man who has no room to provide her with. When a woman enters a relationship she’s about to multiply everything that man gives her. A spiritual woman can’t give non spiritual man much. Mostly cause he doesn’t realize she is guided by source, so he won’t listen.  A spiritual men understands that a woman is a gift to him, and that even if she submits to him, SHE is still his greatest connection to source and rapid flow.  

The woman is God. So if you marry God of course you’re going to be favored. If she actually loves you, she actually does become a part of your rib. New favor comes upon you simply by being with her.  Tis why she doesn’t have to work if she doesn’t have to.  Her ideas are prosperous.  Besides that the only woman who will work when her man gladly provides for her is a woman who enjoys her work. Which would mean she’s walking in her purpose. PURPOSE rarely ever feels like work, even though it’s work. 

when a man finds a wife proverbs 18:22

The big dissonance between black men and women is pretty simple. Everyone wants to be treated a certain kind of way. The answer is simply to love and be kind to one another. To have compassion and understanding. You gotta look at people with love, and not for what you can get from them.

The key is for men to step up and be the King God called you to be. Cause at some point you are going to get tired of settling for less, pushing against the grain all by yourself, having sex with basic Betty trying to turn her into a baddie, not understanding, it has to be in her, not on her.  You’ll tire of random women in and out of your bed. You’ll tire of chasing chicks just because they’re hot and don’t intellectually and sexually stimulate you.  Sex without love will never fill the the gaping hole in your soul.

No Sir, only oneness will heal that. Wholeness comes from within. You will never fix your inner issues by trying to take it out on a badd chick.

But hey, you most certainly don’t have to listen to me. Men can keep settling and not stepping up to the King throne, only to continue the cycle over and over again.

Some of us have opted out. Men often think they are high value and so do women. But no one is high value if they are not going hard for love.  On top of that, you gots to be doing something with your life, with your progression on point.   Just like everything else it’s something you must work towards.  Just because a man can provide doesn’t make him high value.  If a man has no spiritual connection chances are he’ll get off path, or stay near the bottom too long, being enchanted by the birds.  

At other times I see women who randomly inbox me about their relationship problems.   I wrote an entire book to help you. It’s common sense to buy it. My clients in my inbox, bought the book, and hired me to help them work through their stuff.  They really want it. 

They already have their whole life together and are working on making it even better, daily.

In life you will always get what you focus on.

Help yourself. No one else is going to do the work for you. They can’t.