It kind of seems silly for a man to not get a wife.

I mean all he has to do is be a man, be consistent for a few months, marry her, then she’s going to cook, clean, provide him with kindness, love, affection and sex. BIRTH KIDS FROM THE BOSOM OF HER WOMB. Oh the agony.

She’s going to give him backrubs, perform for him, cheer for him, listen to his pain, wipe his tears, motivate him, inspire him, delight him, adore him, respect him, submit to him, wear sexy outfits, keep herself up, give him beautiful surprises, be loyal, pray for him, speak life into him and guard him against all ill will.

It seems really smart for a man to get married. It seems pretty smart for a woman to marry a man who provides. Cause that’s the only way you’re going to be doing all of that. 😂

FOH with not providing.

Ya’ll like my poem?

Anyway Sis. I’m about to show you something, and it’s time to peep game.  Those men who came into your life and broke your heart, were lames. Imposters of the great one. 

Now I’m not calling you Silly SiS. I’m not saying you are silly or that you were silly, cause you didn’t know what you know now. But now you know. 

The right King for you has true God power. You can feel it flowing off of him. You feel it in your senses. It hits you off guard.  It’s different from love, lust, or any of that other stuff.  You feel it in your head. Then it comes down and surrounds you.

Here is the thing though. Unless you mind your spiritual business, then you won’t vibrate high enough to attract him.  Or if you’re busy in a relationship with a man who isn’t a true God King, then yes, that will be another delay. 

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