When a man is truly in love with you, he wants to take care of you.

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Men with good intent for their wife, are rarely talked about in society.
Rarely ever do you hear a good man say that he doesn’t want to give his wife everything.  Most men actually want to be the kind of man who can provide for his woman.  But what society most talks about are the women who want men to provide for them.

The loudest men online, are the men who want to be a woman. They  want to go half, they need a woman’s help to be a man, and so much more. They cry stories of victimhood. You tell those same men that they  really can be a King and how quickly they’re remind you how they want to be equal to a woman and do LESS. 

The mindset of a provider man is completely different. Are you the kind of woman that he would provide for?
Good men desperately want to give you everything you desire. HE wants to do things to keep you happy. What he needs more than anything is an amazing woman who will make it worth his while.  Without you knowing your own value, his senses won’t be awakened and telling him you are the one. 
On top of that, you’ll never be worth his while, until he knows his own worth. 💡  True Love is a co-creation. It literally takes both parties to know their truth. Real love can never be found with a man who doesn’t know a woman’s worth. 
⏰ That tends to take some time. That is why older men are often better men. They’ve learned their lessons. Women on the other hand, are often ready from day one.

The sad reality today is that the internet causes so many people these days to not have value for other humans. They trash one cause there are billions more, without the understanding that divine connections are rare, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Some men run through women, because he doesn’t feel worthy of  keeping and maintaining a woman, until after he becomes a billionaire.

It’s not often talked about how many men with the desire for wealth, feel unworthy of real love.  Money first, women later.  Men know that once they become rich that a whole hoard of women will show up to date them.

You can never lose women by chasing money, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t bypass your soulmate, cause you don’t know their worth or yours.
Just like in business, if you’re too busy paying attention to a million variables, you might miss out on the one winning variable that only needs a little bit of your attention.

When a man spreads himself thin, he’s also thinning his own paper. So few men are wise enough to not get caught up in the matrix of not valuing women. When you feel real love, stop and EXPLORE. Allow yourself to be present and show more of your authentic self.

So many people often don’t care, that by the time a divine one meets another loving soul, they are too busy hiding who they truly are.


When you stop and actually be present with people on a consistent basis, only then can they see that what they have with you is real.

For some people real people make them happy. They value them, not knowing that even what some present as the real, authentic version of themselves is not who they truly are.  If a wealth conscious man is in front of you, and can’t afford that expensive wedding you desire, chances are, he’s not going to want to marry you.  He may opt to push you to the left and deal with other women who aren’t marriage material in his eyes.  That space has become his comfort zone, and escape from dealing with this inner issues of unworthiness.

Instead of fixing it they take their issues out on a badd chick. She’s not badd no more after he’s sampled the goods, and the cycle continues.
These days DATING is not real. It’s a fallacy. It doesn’t become real to a woman until they agree that YES, they are in a relationship working towards something.     Men these days are so all over the place, anxious to sample the buffet, that even when they meet a divine woman, he’s too busy with other women, and telling them all that they are working towards a relationship.  Backwards.  It’s all about deciding and being intentional. But that’s hard to do when you’re not in the knowing because you operate in the fear of your past mistakes.
But when people meet, they have no idea of the darkness the other may be dealing with.
Have you ever felt real love? It’s the most amazing feeling ever.
It means nothing to some people. You can tell a person you love them and they’ll block you. Others you could tell them you love them, and that love from you means everything in the world.
As women it’s time to come off of wanting the men you want, and instead find your King amongst the men who can see you for the divine woman you are.
Most men these days, simply can not see. He can’t see what’s he’s not ready to see.
A man has to be ready for a Goddess and have decided that he truly wants the best of the best.
Some men just want one thing besides sex, and that’s a connection that other people value, that he doesn’t value.
Does your man REALLY value you?
The truth is, if he’s not paying your bills, he doesn’t.
There’s value in having a woman who can do it all on her own, and there’s value in having a woman so amazing, that you don’t want her to do it all on her own, nor would you let her, because you just want her to be happy and rest in the beauty of her soul.
That kind of man is the prize, because he treats his woman as such. He knows what he has.
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