All a man really needs, is a woman that will play the game with him

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All people really want in this world is someone to play the game with.

They want someone to make the game of love FUN. But the truth is, most women don’t show up as that woman.

Yes we could blame men. But let’s just focus on the 5 good men who play their role.

He needs you to show up as his dream woman.

And unfortunately there are rules and regulations.

Nope, you don’t HAVE to play games. Yup. You COULD settle for whoever, or make it easy.

You could just meet a person and go all in, and CLICK.

But the truth is, in this world, in this day and age, good men need women who will play the game.

He wants to be inspired by you. He needs to be inspired by you.

Give HIM what he wants and he’ll give you what you want.

Play the game from day one sis. Please that man. Tantalize his senses. Make him chase.

The problem with women, is that you don’t really want to be chased. You want to just give in and have a good time.

I am the opposite. A few men have accused me lately of RUNNING when they chase me.

Why do I run? Because they aren’t chasing me properly. Just like I men have their rules. I have my own set of rules. And when men don’t play the game of charm and seduction I become afraid of them.

I fear that they may be the wrong one.

Now quite naturally I will be the first to tell you that it’s not smart to live in fear or date with fear.

But I gotta be honest with myself about my own track record. And I am glad that I was.

I was running because I feared that I may fall for the wrong man.

I didn’t allow men to BE or BECOME that man for me. I ACCEPTED that men are who they are well before they meet me.

For a while, I forgot that I was a totally inspiring being to men, who has motivated many men to make 6-7 Figures.

That includes, boyfriends, and clients. I gave them motivation like they were my husband.

Now self-help work lead me to realize that obviously I’d done some things wrong.

I’d motivated the wrong men.

And now that men who will do something with my gifting and walk deeply into their purpose are chasing me, I automate tell myself that THEY are not good enough.

I found my worth and know that men must put in EFFORT for me.

So if they don’t like chasing, they are not the man for me.

But as women, you must realize that every man is not strong. Every man is not the lion of the jungle in every category. Men get tired too. They get tired of chasing and being rejected.

But here is the thing. If they hired me as a dating coach, they would no longer get rejected.

Men rarely ever realize they are the reason that women run from them. They are the reason that women reject them.

They often think it’s internal or that they are not good enough. Rarely ever do they realize it was due to their own lack of effort.

See women have vaginas, that men like to call p*ssy. They focus on f*cking the hole, sucking the clit, fingering it and doing sexual, delightful things with it.

But rarely ever are they told just how WET a woman can get, without a man touching her.

If a man truly wants a high value woman who is going to do the work to ascend with him, transform with him, and build wealth with him, then he needs to know how to make the p*ssy wet without touching it.


That’s where I come in at.

I will motivate a man to get even the baddest, finest, most brilliant, most sexiest, spiritual woman, to bow down to the King in him, WHILE maintaining her own crown.

That’s what a man wants, more than anything, And as women, the gender often falls short.

If you are a woman who is TRULY ready to meet your sacred soulmate, then it’s a must that you submit to God and come work with me. Allow me to heal you and help you step into your divinity. Allow me to help you BECOME the woman he wants to chase for the rest of his life.

Allow me to help you become the woman whose body he wants to make cum over and over again for the rest of his life.

Many women think that cooking and cleaning is what will make a man want to make you his wife.

Others think phucking him like a porno star will do it.

But it’s many things that makes a man say “This is the one. I must have her. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

All of those things make up this beautiful game of dating, that most women gip men out of.

Learn how to play the game Sis. Make LOVE fun for a man.

Women think that it’s making money, catering to him, giving him the wettest, most sloppiest blowjoy ever, and blah, blah, blah is what he needs from you or what will impress him.

But Sis, that’s not what’s going to impress a man in his right mind, that has stroke with the divine.

That man wants to experience a whole new other kind of sex. He wants it mystic and deep.

Sometimes people wonder why I’m single, or what’s the hold up. The truth is I know how the game MUST be played, and I didn’t feel like playing it. I didn’t have the energy to give to it.

So instead I went from 1 business and 1 source of income, to 7 businesses and 7 sources of income. I focused my love on building things to water the seeds that God has placed within me.

The seeds I often ignored due to focusing on the wrong men, embarrassing myself and being distracted.

I knew I needed some time to TRULY put God first. I did that. Now when a man meets me, he has to measure up by putting me first.

But let me tell you something. I NOW have to decide to play the game, IF I want a man to be my husband.

Just like men weren’t showing up in ways that would continuously make me want them as my husband, because I wasn’t play the game, men weren’t inspired to do the things to BECOME my husband.

We blame so much on men. But ladies it’s US.

And even though, YES, men often to women wrong, I would love for women to take accountability. It would make the world a much better place.

Cause here is the truth. Every woman who played the position of a high value woman, has the EXACT man she wanted to marry.

The younger you are to play your role, the faster you’ll get your husband.

But most women don’t know HOW to play the role.

The funny thing about me is that I’ve always known how to play the role. But my purpose in life was to try different techniques with men, just so that I could see that NONE OF IT WORKS, except the high value role.

God wanted me to know these things so that I may speak with conviction to you.

I am not rehearsing things out of a book, or reciting what I’ve heard other people say. I speak from experience and LOVE.

No man has ever dumped me. They all wanted to be with me. They all progressed. But I got bored with their slowness and stopped being femininity motivational. Mostly because I didn’t feel appreciated. So I decided to stop the game before the wedding.

I could’ve gotten married at anytime. But had I got married, without first deeply understanding my soul’s purpose, I wouldn’t be able to teach and preach the way I do.

So now that I’ve deeply served my purpose, and wrote the book that God says is going to change the lives of not only black america, but WOMEN & MEN all over the world, I am ready to play the game and get my husband.

I can’t say ATTRACT, cause nearly every man wants to marry me. I am divine feminine and a spiritual boss chick. Not to mention that I am one brilliant, smart, sexy, saavy, fiesta nerd.

See men find me to be A LOT of fun, but quite often they’ve upset me, and made me not want to be that FUN girl with them anymore. So I made a DECISION not to be.

This is the thing about men ladies. Rarely ever do they realize that it is THEY who is not showing up properly to inspire you to want to KEEP him. His mind the whole time is on what YOU are doing to keep him. 🤣

See, men don’t know the value of a Goddess. Well at least most men don’t. And the ones who do have proposed to me quick, fast in a hurry, and I respect them for that.

But what I don’t respect them for is not showing up as a King in every way. My kind of man shows up as a King in LOVE.

And yours does too. That’s what you’ve been waiting for.

So Sis today, I want you to stop waiting and take charge of your life.

I want you to make a move to INVEST in your love life and the spirit of your soul.

I want you to find on me on Facebook or Instagram and say “KISSY. LETS DO THIS.” I want to help you get ready to call in your Queen.

See, the thing that’s stopping you is a BLOCK. You’re having difficulties DECIDING to get married to your soulmate.

I am here to help you move past that block, so that you can deeply and intrinsically FEEL this thing called LOVE.

Before I forget, let me remind you to get the hottest book on love in your library.  You probably own at least 100 books. I assure you this will be THE most important book in your collection.  You’re going to read it, and each time you are going to remember some things about yourself.

Baby you are a genius. I wrote this book vibrationally just for you. Because like always, you already know that it’s levels to this sh*t.  It’s chess not checkers. High value men like winning big things. You feel me.  They aren’t thinking about that checkerboard.  They are aiming, for the top.

Where you at Sis? It’s time to pull up to a whole new level, of being a HIGH VALUE WIFE.