Most Men Are Basic AF and nobody tells them the truth

by | Love & Relationships

Most men are basic AF, and want a badd chick with a simple chicks self-esteem.

Most men are soooooo basic, yet wonder why they’ve never experienced real love.

Then what do they do? They see a woman like me on the internet, giving them all the game. What do they do?

They say “Oh. She’s too loud. She talks too much. She’s always siding with women, and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.”

But they are all addicted to me anyway. WHY?

Same reason that I’ve never been dumped by a man. I AM DIVINE LOVE. I am the greatest love most men and people have ever felt.

Why am I really single? Because I was busy building stuff, that is called an EMPIRE. I didn’t need a man around unless he had money to go with that offer of D*CK. D*ck is all most men bring into a woman’s life.

D*ck, headaches, responsibility and asking her to be less of herself in order to please his simple azz.

Most men are so worried about what a woman is going to DO FOR HIM, that he fails to notice that he is basic AF, and his woman could easily get a better man who valued her.

Let me let you in on a little secret. If you’re a good man, a high value woman is not going to let you friend zone her. If you were such an awesome man, you wouldn’t be able to get rid of a good woman. She wouldn’t let you go. Women so easily these days or even after weeks of tears, let me go, because the truth is she realized he wasn’t all of that in the first place.

Most men think they are smarter than women, and because we get s*ck and tired of arguing with their dumb azzes, we agree with them, and allow them to believe so. It’s not even a competition. Most smart women are happy when a man is highly intelligent. Meanwhile men try to compete against her intelligence.

Weak men stay threatening to do something to women or inflicting violence on women, without seeing that women are stronger because she will simply stop talking to you. REAL POWER is not in harming people. It’s in having a presence so valuable that a person would be a fool to let you go.

And most of the women who RAH, RAH, RAH for men, the truth is she is barely in love. Everyone is settling for BASIC. Basic relationships are boring AF, that’s why people need so many other mates to keep their attention. They don’t know how to BOND.

Men chase women these days by hopping in her inbox to say HI and when she doesn’t make it easy on him he goes about his business. THAT IS WEAK AF!

What badd azz woman is actually excited by a dude hopping in her inbox to talk her ear off? Are you a celebrity or something?  You stacking IRAQ MONEY? Are you a Saudi Prince?

You don’t want anyone talking about you like that, yet that’s exactly how men look at women. It’s all about what she has and what SHE is going to do for him. Men are so darn basic that they repel the desire in a woman to even treat him like a King.

Men these days want chicks based upon them being cute, having a degree and a good job.

Well, just like ya’ll tell women that their degree and cuteness doesn’t matter. That only matters 50% to women. You need to show up as a KING. Queens are looking for KINGS. weak chasing is not King behavior. That’s pauper behavior.

And what most successful men do once they get a couple of dollars and some recognition is start thinking they are the best thing smoking to a woman.

Would you be the best thing smoking to Beyonce? Probably not. So step your game up.