An Unhealed Man’s Reasons on WHY a MAN should NEVER fall In Love with a WOMAN

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If you’re too afraid to fall in love, you’ll never find it. Or you’ll find it and won’t be able to keep it. ~ Kissy Denise 

One of my Facebook friends posted a video with an interesting title today. He’s a single man, looking for answers.  When I saw the title of the video, I knew something was wrong. My pings went off.

The video is below:

So the top 3 reasons he gave as to why a man shouldn’t fall in love:

  1. He lets his life fall apart
  2. He forgets his purpose
  3. He loses his focus

First off, I just want to get this out the way. He has the hierarchy wrong. It’s God, woman, then man.

When Eve pulled that move in the garden, she essentially freed women to have a choice of what they wanted to do and who they wanted to be in a relationship with. In addition, it’s the woman who has the power to bring life into this world.  A woman can get pregnant through artificial insemination, however a man can not create a baby without the presence of a woman.

When it comes to knowledge, a woman is the one who is implanted with divine wisdom that creates prosperous business ideas.  She then passes on those brilliant ideas to her husband, who puts them into play.

That is why the bible states:

when a man finds a wife

Since the inception of the earth, women have been lead to believe that they are 2nd class citizens with no power, gifts or capabilities outside the bedroom and kitchen.  However a divine man is very well aware that the woman is God’s greatest creation. A masterpiece indeed.

The charm, raw femininity and alluring sex appeal of a woman can bring even the strongest man to his knees. She has the power to destroy him, if he makes her unhappy. However the right woman who operates in true Goddess essence does not seek to emasculate a man or destroy him. In fact she seeks to see his Kingdom come into full fruition.

There are 8 different kinds of women:

TYPE 1: The Woman Society Made – Many women will throw away all of their power and completely submit to a man’s desires, with no desires of her own. She waits on her husband hand and foot, in hopes of seeing his dreams come true.  She lives through him. His happiness is her happiness. Whatever he says goes. Often times her successful man has no value for her and leaves her for a younger woman. Which causes her to lose her entire identify.

TYPE 2: The Feminine Domestic Goddess –  This woman uses her feminine charms to nurture a man into success.  She cooks, cleans, and often implants ideas into his head, that he assumes are those of his own. She plays chess and not checkers and effortlessly directs her man to heights of great success by charming him, dropping breadcrumbs and leading him to victory in his purpose, that he often believes he’s done all by himself. She loves him, so she often doesn’t mind the lack of credit. Eventually she will though and will leave such a man, and his empire may crumble without her.

TYPE 3: The Masculine Goddess – She attracts feminine men who want to play 50/50. She knows she has power and is quite successful in her own right, so she wants to show the man that he too has power, so that he can become more masculine, lead the household, and believe in his ability to provide.  She will outright tell him that he needs to do A. B. C. and D. in order to win. She will tell him everything he’s doing wrong, and cheer for him when he makes great advancements.  She even upgrades is wardrobe and etiquette. She leads him to discovering his purpose and living in it. He probably had no idea what purpose was before he met her. This woman literally changes the life trajectory of a man, and alters his life so deeply that he can’t begin to see what she’s done for him, or how deeply she sacrificially loves him.  The whole time he talks bad about her to his family and friends. Once she cleans him up and gets him to believe in himself, he leaves for the next woman, because he resents her. He resents the woman who changed him, and was willing to do what it took to get him to find his strength. He replaces her for a woman who doesn’t know his past.

TYPE 4: The 50/50 Woman – This woman doesn’t know her power. She simply seeks love and companionship and hopes it will work out.  She’s happy as long as her husband has something going for himself. She wants to grow together with him. He pays half the bills, and she pays half or sometimes pays more than half. Often the man in this relationship cheats with a woman that he has to provide something for, or a woman he can be a savior for and pay bills for. This type of woman doesn’t have an understanding that men have an innate desire to be a Captain Save A Woman in NEED.  It makes him feel good and strong. It’s a turn on.

Type 5: The High Class Golddigger –  She loves super successful men and the freedom of the lifestyle that comes with it. She’s very feminine and doesn’t believe in working at all. She believes being a woman should and will pay all of her bills.  As long as he has money he can do whatever he pleases. But the minute he runs out of money or gets too caught up in the side chicks she leaving, taking half and going on to the next man. The next high level man is easy to get because she’s financially set.

Type 6: The Lovely Clueless Woman – I’ll pay for everything, while you play video games. This woman simply wants love and companionship. Sometimes she gets tricked into taking care of a man and sometimes she does it feeling like she’s helping a man out, until he figures his life out. Rarely is this man working hard to uplevel in life. The man usually talks bad about her to his friends and family. While she feels like she’s helping him, his mindset believes he’s using her. He has very little value for her, and is only waiting until a new woman comes along. Next victim…

Type 7: The Ratchet Trailer Park Chick – It’s whatever, whenever. She has no desire to see her man do better. She doesn’t care whether he’s a King or a peasant. Top flight security is cool with her. As long as he’s somewhat faithful she’s happy with him. She has very little expectations of him, other than to buy weed and pay a bill here and there.  Destroy her heart with lies, and she will attempt to destroy his life. At the same time this type of woman is also greatly unappreciative of a good man…

Type 8: The Selfish Loveless Woman AKA Low Level Gold Digger – She only wants what she can get from a man. All of his affection and attention. She can care less what he does, as long as he brings home the bacon and buys her bags, and gives her great sex, she’s happy.  The minute she feels like he’s losing interest or isn’t fascinated with her, she will seek to destroy him.

Some women of course are a mix of a few types. Those women can keep any man they want and eventually end up getting what they want from a man. But they do right by their man.


Now with 8 different kids of women to pick from, one must see how a man always has many great women to choose from, but somehow he buys into the one who speaks kind words and no actions, because it’s plugged into society that women don’t have to do action, but to simply be sweet and charming in order to get what they want from a man. More than anything sweet words are what most men desire. Tell them that they are the greatest. Action women on the other hand who do more than simply words, get taken advantage of, some men will resent them for doing more than he’s capable of doing. He’ll date a woman in a lesser position just to restore his dignity as a man.  (Stop trying to build men up ladies. It’s a waste of your time and a great sacrifice. Take my word on that. DO NOT go out learning this lesson on your own. It’s costly.)

On the other hand, women who offer sex and sweet feminine words, with no action, are often able to get over on men who are attracted to them.

What this gentleman is saying is understandable. However he’s speaking from a broken place. He’s broken and the men agreeing with him are broken too. He’s taking his bad decisions and now planting seeds into the mind of other unawakened men. It’s one big emotionally unhealthy breeding ground.

In life we must take great accountability for our decisions on who we choose to date. We often place our happiness into other people’s hands not understanding that we are responsible for our own happiness and no one can make us feel any kind of way.

I’ve seen many powerful women who nurture men, help them find their passion and purpose, keep him in shape, and would never stand by and watch her man’s life fall apart. But it takes a certain kind of strength to be such a woman. Not every man is willing to do what it takes to be with such a woman. Nor is that kind of woman rarely ever actually valued. Often times the men she uplifts end up resenting her.

There are 97.9 males per 100 females. There is always, a few extra single women just waiting on a good man to notice her.  Many women these days are desperate for a man to even notice them. She will gladly take a $5 coffee date in hopes of meeting the love of her life.  She doesn’t require a man do anything to impress her at all, except show up, be attentive and say he likes her. Piece of cake. Others will gladly go over a man’s house on the first date for a bag of chips, cuddle, netflix, chill and let me hit that type of date. (If this description triggers you, get your life sis and learn to value yourself.)

A man has to get his antenna fixed when he can’t seem to pick a good one. Goddess women do the choosing, but for the rest, they wait around on a man to choose them. A man has a great deal of power when it comes to dating.

Society blames women for picking bad men, but where is the blame for men not believing in themselves to go after the amazing woman that will love him, cherish him and treat him like a King? Perhaps deep down, he really doesn’t have a desire to be King? 🤔 In that case, what is HE afraid of? What needs to be healed in him? You will never find love if you’re too afraid to let go and relinquish control. It takes trust on both ends. A man who doesn’t trust himself to love, won’t attract a woman who will feel safe loving him.  He then sabotages his own relationships and blames the woman for the demise… Perhaps de’s a bit of a narcissist and keeps settling for less than he wants, because he’s too afraid to be the man he was called to be… (Figure out your own ish)

Otherwise if you’re a man and you don’t desire to fall in love with a woman, would you prefer to fall in love with another man? Would you be open and vulnerable with him? (That’s exactly how ridiculous a man sounds saying a man shouldn’t fall in love with a woman.)  A man who doesn’t value the women he’s sleeping with causes so much heartbreak, then he wonders why karma serves him with a woman who brings him to his knees.

If one chooses to to be receptive to advice from anyone who fails to take self-accountability, they too will find themselves in a basic, loveless relationship. Which is insane, because we were put here on earth to experience love. God is love. But when you don’t spend time getting to know God, you may not understand these things. Without love one will have a very difficult time growing and ascending to a higher level of consciousness.

A soul can’t just go around blaming everyone else. You must learn to work through your own sh*t to discover what part you played in situations.

Ladies, get yourself a HEALED man for a healthy relationship with amazing sex and heartwarming conversations with a man who wants to see you prosper and bloom in every way. It makes all the difference in the world. Women in such relationships evolve so rapidly and beautifully. Just look at Ciara…

LOVE is my thing. I wish everyone a beautiful, prosperous relationship that lasts a lifetime. However many simply don’t know how to attract a good mate, maintain a good mate, or to simply get the kind of mate they want. Once they find out the key, a shift happens and their entire life changes.  They start getting what they want in every area of life.

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