You’ll never get what you want, by pretending you don’t want it

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You’ll never get what you want, by pretending you don’t want it.  ~ Kissy Denise 

Whatever you ignore, essentially is what you repel. It’s what you will keep away from you.

SUCCESS requires that you admit what you want from life. SUCCESS requires that you be honest with yourself. 

Pretending to not want something that you really want makes you feel better. It’s a way to please your ego. It makes you feel better about not getting it. So you stop working towards it. You release it from your subconscious, but not really, instead you grow resentment for it.

What am I talking about?

The two most popular things people pretend they don’t want.

  1. Love
  2. Money

Let’s start with love. Have you ever noticed that everyone who says love isn’t important to them is either single, or running through multiple relationships that they just can’t seem to get right?

Or they are in a loveless relationship, because they don’t believe in real love, because they’ve never felt it.

The crazy thing about love is once you’ve felt it, deeply in your soul, you can never escape it. You want more. Even if you sit idle on the sidelines by yourself, enjoying yourself, your subconscious craves the connection that love can give you. So you venture back out into the world, dust yourself off and try again. You hope this time you’ll get it right. Eventually you will… You will always find what you seek.

Let’s talk about MONEY…

Money… That word is taboo for many. It’s not talked about, because many don’t believe they have access to it. The rich is often kind enough to not want the poor to feel bad about not having it, so old money has a rule to never discuss money. It’s tacky to discuss, yet they don’t lack it…

Other people who wanted lots of it have it, and flaunt it every chance they get. #NewMoney

People who desire to be rich, are rich. Nobody gets rich on accident. (Don’t quote me on that. I’m sure somewhere in history, there is a Deyfus who somehow tripped into a pile of money and blew through it.) Even the individual who holds a poverty mindset, yet wins the lottery through their pings of desire for riches being sent out into the universe, along with taking aligned action, who actually wins,  only to later go broke; still told the Universe what it is they wanted…

Those with a poverty mindset are often heard sayin things like “Money isn’t everything.” or their other favorite line is “My kids don’t want for anything.” As if their kids wouldn’t love to live in a decent neighborhood, and walk home from school without the fear of being shot. Or the luxury to be able to enlighten their children by taking them on trips all around the world. Or maybe even to pay for the future college education those kids may eventually seek…. Short-sighted thinking…

Poverty minds raise poverty kids and pass the mindset down from generation to generation.  The mindset sets in a generational curse, due to inherited limited beliefs.  People with poverty minds often resent the wealthy and those doing well.  They believe the wealthy snatch up all the money and leave none for them.

Some even resent money in the name of religion. They believe money is an evil thing because Jesus said it’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to pass into Heaven.

But what he was talking about is an evil person who practices ruthless ethics for the sake of acquiring money.  Or someone so focused on money they can see nothing else. In order to get into Heaven, one must have their spirit right. Get your spirit right, and you’ll experience Heaven right here on earth.

Once you enter the gates of Heaven, money is unlimited. It’s unlimited because it’s spiritual. It’s simply a construct. Those in heaven get whatever they ask for. Why not ask for a prosperous business????


How many people want both love and money, but you’ve been told that you can’t have it all? Yet you look around and see, many people do seem to have it all. But then you hear the naysayers scream “It’s a hologram. You don’t know what those people’s lives is like. They are unhappy.”

And the naysayers may have a point. But is money making them unhappy.  Is lack of love making them unhappy? What is truly making people unhappy when they seem to have it all? It’s not what you think it is.

Some of you know like you know. You know you came here to get everything you came here for. You have no intentions of just settling for one thing like the others.  You have no intentions of stopping at making $100,000 a year. Even $200,000 isn’t enough. Half a million is like “Okay. That’s cool.” Your plans are way bigger!  You believe in yourself on a grand scale. You’ve already admitted to the Universe what it is that you seek. You have faith that God didn’t implant those desires in your heart to not hand you what you want. You know, you’re going to get it.    The Universe is aligning you with people like me…

Right now, you’re pushing, hitting an income ceiling and can’t get through.  You see the brick wall, you want to kick it down. You see yourself kicking it down. But that’s the wrong method. You gotta walk through it and over it.  I know you’re happy, abundant and quite successful. You’ve experienced great success. Especially if you compare yourself to others.

Yet you know you’re being called to do more. No amount of settling you try to do, will ever please that soul of yours. Before you arrived here on earth you signed a contract for greatness. You’re awakening. Remembering, what you came here for.  It’s why you are living a boss life, yet feel like something is missing….  Purpose. You came here to have it all. That’s the plan! World domination. You may as well stop pretending you don’t want it.  You can’t trick yourself out of this. Trust me I tried. It sent me into darkness. I had to rise and admit my truth. Walk straight into the fire… And don’t think you have all day. You don’t. I was taking my lolly good time, not showing up to write these blogs for you, and God said okay, let me send this woman a message and let her know her undisputed purpose.  I stopped standing in my own way and walked into my mission. The mission to empower you.

It’s time. To reset your mind, to go after your dreams and goals. Dream Life is here now.  It’s within your grasp… If you decide, to reach for it. That you’re going to do the work. That you’re going to show up. That you’re going to make it happen, NO MATTER WHAT!

Past success is cool. But there are new rules.

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Remember, life is a blank movie screen that only you can direct. Put the life of your dreams on the film. They can’t hold you after that.


You have not because you ask not. ~ James 4:2-3