The Major Blocks Stopping You From Building a 7 Figure Brand

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So, you want to become a millionaire and change the world.  You can totally do that. You can do it THIS YEAR. You don’t have to wait till 5-years from now.  You are authorized for abundance and riches by divine right.
What most of society doesn’t know is that “the rich keeps the poor, poor, because someone has to work menial 9-5 and labor jobs.  “Setting people free means wages would have to increase and there would be less employees.” ~ John Hopper – The Greatest On The Planet | Millionaire Business Coach 

But in all actuality, it’s not the rich keeping people poor. The poor keeps themselves poor by not having the right mindset, followed by the right actions. Most people simply don’t have the HEART to do the work of shifting into millionaire consciousness. Unlike other people I won’t lie…… THIS WORK AIN’T NO JOKE!

When 50 Cent said that he would get rich or die trying, he meant that at a deeper level.  You don’t need to be in the hood or facing violence to understand that this journey isn’t for the weak. Only the strong survive. Most would die if they tried… Trying isn’t enough. There must be a full on DECIDE.

If you haven’t made at least 6 Figures a year yet, here is your problem.
You definitely need a master life coach to come up out of your 5 Figure mindset.  I’ve worked with dozens of clients on a very close basis the past two years, so that I could come up with a system that could get any smart, CHRISTIAN, SPIRITUAL PERSON, or person of faith, great RESULTS, IF they were willing to do the work.
I discovered one of the greatest problems in the life coaching industry is a lot of coaches don’t know how to get their clients to DO THE WORK, and they don’t know how to give their clients actual transformation. So people buy course after course without getting the great results they desired.
The first thing anyone who wants to become a life coach needs to know is that you must have a DESIRE to actually deliver transformation and change lives.  Even if your desire is to be a Billionaire someday, you can not be all about the money as a coach. You must be all about the people and send them out the door fully transformed or at least deeply  transformed.  I prefer to fully transform my clients and start them off on an exponential growth process that will continue for the rest of their lives.
I give them true FREEDOM, and show them how to live a life of abundance.
This requires that I actually CARE and pour immense amounts of time and love into my  clients. It requires that I not drop them like it’s hot, when they incurred problems.

I once had a client come to me and say she had $25 left in her bank account one week. I talked to her and by the next week she exploded one business so fast that she then needed to hire staff.   She then got a new client for her new business.   Not everyone can change someone’s life that fast.  But I can because I am a MASTER Spiritual Consultant.  I understand people on a deeper level and what they need to HEAR, in order to shift.

I say things to my clients that brings them understanding, clarity and massive doses of DIVINE CONFIDENCE.

So if you are not getting your clients the transformation that they seek, you would be wise to work with me in a 1-year mastermind, to truly learn the art of transformation and how to shift minds into joy, abundance, clarity and freedom.
You would do this by creating a SYSTEM that maximizes your own unique gifts as a coach, and attract clients who can most benefit from that gift.
If you haven’t made 7 Figures in a year yet, here is your problem.
Making 7 Figures a year requires a complete money mindset overhaul, and complete mindset change overall.
If you already own a successful multi-six figure business, this shift into a millionaire can actually come in less than 30 Days.
You will need healing and to acquire new beliefs.  Chances are, you haven’t had the right mentor to increase your CONFIDENCE. Spiritual beings need to work with aligned coaches.  The vibrational shift you need to go from making $250K – $500K a year to a million dollars a year requires clarity and a divine manifestation strategy. It requires that you remember who you are. 

Going from being poor to making multiple 6 Figures is quite a process, that many high performers find themselves undergoing without documentation and without great awareness of what they’ve done to themselves. You shift so far away from mediocrity and normalcy, that you can find yourself alone with very few friends or close connections.  Your elevation came at great sacrifices and required distance.

But now your heart is yearning for more. Now you have MONEY, so you know there is more to life. Even if you’re walking in your purpose at this point, it’s not enough. You want to BE more, and DO more. You know that you CAN do more to change the world. You know you are CALLED to change the world.  You don’t know how you’re going to do it, you just know you are. A master spiritual coach who is in alignment with God’s plans for your life is the answer.

Kissy understands that transformation means that you have to go deep into the wound of a soul, and heal them layer by  layer.  Quite often the wounds are deep and hidden. Clients don’t even know that they are there, until after Kissy has fully healed their heart and they are bursting with LOVE again.
There are many areas of life that must be changed in order to acquire transformation. Often times high performers have changed many of their success habits and know how to bring in a good amount of consistent income. Yet their heart isn’t fulfilled because they are lacking clarity of purpose of who they are on this earth realm.
Kissy is a Prophetess who sees the future.  She sees into the future of great souls. She helps them manifest their true heart’s desires.
Others who don’t CONSISTENTLY make 7 Figures per year face another set of problems.
✅ You don’t have a SYSTEM to bring in consistent traffic and consistent income.
✅ Your MONEY MINDSET needs to be fixed.
✅ You’re probably not applying the things you know.
✅ You lack CONFIDENCE in your ability to build a 7 Figure Brand.
✅ You’re doing the work every day but it’s not working, because you’re not in ALIGNMENT
✅ You’re waiting for permission from God to jump, when he already gave you the green light. If you keep waiting he might drop kick you right up off that ledge. JUMP IN ALREADY!
✅ You suffer from perfectionism
✅ You’re waiting for the perfect time to start and for things to be perfect in your life
✅ You’re worried about what others think of you.
✅ You think you know it all
✅ You’re not being your authentic self
✅ You’re not honest with yourself
✅ You are out of integrity and misaligned with who you truly are
✅ You keep dodging God thinking he’s not that important. You put your big toe in the water, but you haven’t stepped fully into SURRENDER.

As you can see, people suffer from a barrage of different issues. No matter how much law of attraction, mindset, and self-help work a person does on themselves, it won’t work unless they get the pieces of their own personal soul aligned puzzle together.

What Kissy is best at is helping millionaire mindsets walk into their highest self in 30 Days or Less.

However what Kissy has learned over the years is that everyone moves at their own individual pace. While others only take 30 days or 1 phone call, the average person needs to work with a coach for at least a year and a half, depending on their circumstances in life.

It’s best to find a coach that you can work with for at least one year, join their mastermind and get individual 1 on 1 coaching.


You are going through spiritual awakening, maybe even the dark night of the soul.  I went through that and I promise you, YOU DO NOT want to go through that by yourself. PLEASE get help.  Luckily for me, I had an African Shaman who held my hand all the way through it.
I wouldn’t wish the dark night of the soul on my worst enemy. It’s a very painful process. The beauty on the other side is the exact miracle you’ve been praying for if you are strong enough to go through it.    The dark night of the soul completely snatches your identity and yanks your belief system. You go from being pretty strong in who you are to WHO THE PHUCK AM I?

I went through it. I survived, THRIVED, and I am here to tell the story.

I AM – Kissy Denise – The Masterpiece | THE Goddess of Love & Motivation.

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The word THE is capitalized, because there is only one of me. I am fully embodied in my calling. I didn’t name myself THE Goddess of Love & Motivation. God did. Then I had to do THE WORK to receive the name and feel good enough.

Would you like to feel GOOD ENOUGH, embody unstoppable CONFIDENCE, become a millionaire, CHANGE THE WORD, impact lives, develop great INFLUENCE, have AFFLUENCE, travel the world, live your best life of abundance, fall in love with your soulmate, create a beautiful family, have good management of your finances and build that charitable foundation you always wanted to build.

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