SIS, If men don’t like you, IT’S YOU… YOU’RE THE PROBLEM

by | Abundance Mindset

If men don’t like you, IT’S YOU. Sis you have titties and azz, your face lights the room up. It’s your MOUTH that turns men off.
Trust me I know. My mouth turns off any man who is not a GOD. 🤣 As soon as they see how confident I am, they say “WOAH! Who does this chick think she is.”
And I say “Hello. I am Kissy mthfkn Denise. I’m the sh*t and I know it. No I’m not a Leo, I’m an ARIES, and I know my divine power in God.”
I can feel their energy or look at their face. I SEE that he can’t handle the real ME. The real me isn’t meek. She’s super confident and believes she can do anything. But sometimes she can be shy and laid back. She’s pretty chill.  I’m not here to prove myself to any man.
But what most women are doing is trying to prove yourselves to a man who wants to smother your power. You’d be better off chasing a billionaire, cause the only way you’ll catch up to him is to walk into your power and claim your glory as a divine, embodied Goddess.
So that’s another problem. YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
Know THYSELF is the first rule of the world. The only way you get to know yourself is to fall in love with yourself.
GODS like women who love themselves.
What I realize is that women want a GOD in their lives. But a God requires that you love yourself at a completely, ENTIRELY different level.
Meanwhile you’re down there on that 3D Level dating mortals who tell you that you are not good enough in the wrong direction. They tell you to BE LESS, instead of encouraging you to BE and GET BETTER FOR YOURSELF!!

Now, would you like for me to tell you how to get better, and finally get what you want from life?

Boss up and Pay Me!

Even great women have enough sense to catch a divine shift.
Kissy Denise Katrina Ruth life coach review
Katrina is a 7 Figure Boss Chick, on her way to 8 Figures. She’s made millions of dollars on the internet as one of the most impactful, soul shifting coaches the world has ever seen. She’s a one woman storm! Following Katrina changes lives. She’s the only woman I’ve met thus far who seems to have my same authority to change massive amounts of high performing lives on a daily basis.   Katrina and I are called to work with the top 1% of the top 1%. We work with the best of the best.
When Kat came to me, she wanted to work on her femininity. But what I knew about Katrina is that she was already everything she needed to be. My job was simply to get her to see the levels of it.

After 1 phone call, she was flooded with high performing men who operate on her level.  She said she’d done the work for years, and worked with several relationship coaches,  but no one could give her the shift.  See it was divined for her to work with me.  I pushed the button.  Then she came back to work with me some more.

What most amazing people need most is acceptance of yourself.  Other coaches tell you what’s wrong with you. I show you what’s RIGHT with you. You’re not as broken as you may think you are. In fact, you’re 10 times more amazing than you think you are.  THAT is your problem. You can’t see it.

Let me show you how to EXPLODE into DIVINE CONFIDENCE.  This will remove your visibility block and give you the CLARITY you’ve been praying for.  This will also DOUBLE YOUR INCOME.